Special Day

Today is not only Father’s Day, but it is also my dad’s birthday! Today, he turns 55; officially a senior citizen!! Now he can use all those discounts to save him even more money 😉 Crazy to think that at my age he had a 2 year old and one on the way (that would be me!).

My dad is a golf FANATIC! He seriously could spend all day golfing. He even got a job farther south so he could golf year-round! Very unfortunately, none of his kids inherited the golf gene, much to his dismay. Sorry, dad! But, his love for golf makes it super easy for us to buy him gifts and cards for holidays and his birthday, which is great for a terrible gift-giver like me!

Although my dad and I didn’t always see eye to eye when I was growing up, I’ve learned that he knows a lot more than I thought he did. I also learned that part of the reason was because we are very much the same person in so many ways!! There are so many times I do things or say things and I stop myself thinking “oh my! I’m turning into my dad!” For instance, he often purses his lips when he is concentrating on something, even just watching TV. I find that when I’m at my computer doing something, I do the same thing! I also never understood why he always wore shoes in the house. Now living in a house with a dog and a farmer, I understand a little better and always wear slippers inside 🙂 We are most alike in how we think. We analyze everything too much and we are too practical for our own good. And frugal! We both love a good deal and we take them where we can. He and I also like to be right. We don’t often say something without knowing it as fact because then we know we’re always right!

photo courtesy my PHENOMENAL photographer Jodi Miller http://www.jodimillerphotography.com

My dad once told me I needed to marry a very patient man. I wonder if he told my honey the same thing when he talked to my parents about marrying me. Luckily, my honey is probably the most patient man alive and is just what I needed 🙂

Thanks dad, for always looking out for me and always being there to help me in any situation! I’ve enjoyed how our relationship has changed and grown over the past few years and am excited for that to continue. Happy Birthday, old man! And Happy Father’s Day, dad!

I’d also like to honor another father in my life: my older brother! His little girl is 2 months old now and he is doing great as a dad! Unfortunately, I’m only able to see them over the webcam because they live out in Minnesota, but I’m so excited to meet my niece one day soon!

I hope you enjoy Father’s Day with someone special today! My parents and my in-laws are coming down for dinner tonight. I’m serving my black bean, corn, and tomato dip with some blueberry cobbler for dessert! Yum! Look for other recipes from tonight’s dinner to be posted in the coming days.


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