Tractor Pulling

We will return to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. But for now, bear with me as I share a very interesting part of my life with you 😉 Thanks!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to a tractor pull. Yeah, I didn’t think there would be many hands going up! I was unaware that tractor pulling even existed until I met my honey. I went to my first pull in September of 2006 and cannot count how many others I’ve been to since! I’ll try to explain here what happens at a tractor pull and maybe you’ll find that there is one to go to in your area (usually at county fairs over the summer!). Or maybe you’ll just think I’m crazy and you won’t come back to read my blog again! I promise I’ll return to normal things tomorrow 🙂

So, the first thing you need to know about tractor pulling (as told to me by my honey on the way to my first pull) is this:

Green tractors= John Deere

Blue tractors= Ford or New Holland

Red tractors= International Harvester

I was told to only cheer for the red ones, so that’s what I’ve done to make my honey happy.

This is my honey (the tall one, just in case you were confused) and his cousin’s son. My honey is preparing to make his big comeback, seeing as how he hadn’t pulled in nearly two years. I promise that the fact that we got married two years ago has nothing to do with it! The main reason is because his tractor broke (that’s the extent of my knowledge on the correct terminology…sorry!) the last time he pulled. He also decided to take time off to finish renovating our house, which made me a very happy woman!

A little history on this tractor: it used to actually do what it was intended to do and had a cab on it. However, once my honey got a hold of it, he took off the cab and rebuilt the motor/engine/thing that makes it run. Now, it does not pull equipment or even get started for anything but a tractor pull. Since my honey hadn’t worked on the tractor in almost two years, it was in a million pieces and he and his dad worked for three straight days putting it back together. It was show time!

Okay, so this is how it works. The puller has to wear a helmet and a fire suit (doesn’t that scare you just a bit?!). He drives his tractor up to the track (300 feet of dirt pretty much) and backs it towards that big blue thing called a sled; not really the kind that you can ride down a snowy hill in the wintertime, but a sled nonetheless.

Once the tractor gets hooked to the sled, the puller revs the engine until a HUGE puff of thick, nasty, black smoke comes out the pipe. Then, I’m not sure the technical terms for it, but the tractor takes off. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is not an environmentally friendly sport….although it goes against every grain of my being, I have to be okay with it because I fell in love with the man who had already fallen in love with tractor pulling. What’s a girl to do?

The goal is to go all 300 feet of the track. The thing holding the tractor back is the sled. It has a huge weight on it (the thing that says TERMINATOR on it) that moves forward as the tractor is pulling it. Once it gets close to the back end of the tractor the sled slows it down and the tractor has a hard time moving forward. The tractor will eventually not be able to go any farther and that is where they measure the distance from. There is a laser thing set up at the other end of the track which measures very accurately how far the tractor goes. Sometimes the winner is ahead by 10 or more feet, but sometimes it is down to the hundredth of an inch to determine a winner. It’s pretty competitive and many of the drivers have lots of time and money invested into their tractors. The really crazy thing about it? It takes no more than 20 SECONDS for a tractor to go from start to finish. That’s it!! They spend hours upon hours for just 15-20 seconds of fun! My honey’s brother said it best at my first pull, which was a four hour drive away: “You came all this way for 15 seconds?”

The fun thing about the pull is seeing the kiddos get so excited! These are all kids of my honey’s cousins. I love this picture because I think it accurately portrays typical girls and boys at a tractor pull. The boys couldn’t be more into it! And the girl(s) really couldn’t care less 🙂

And this little guy thinks my honey hung the moon. He rides around in the other tractors on the farm with my honey when he makes hay. It’s the cutest thing in the whole world. He’s just dreaming of the day when he’ll have his very own tractor!

Please tell me someone else has heard of tractor pulling…I’d greatly appreciate it!!


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  1. In my hometown in Michigan, tractor pulling is HUGE! We have a town fair every fall and the tractor pull is easily a highlight. 🙂

    We also had tractor day at my high school where people would drive their tractors to school. I’m no stranger to tractors, that’s for sure!

  2. I’ve heard of it but you probably knew that. : )


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