We had so much fun last night at the rehearsal dinner, but I’ll recap that with the wedding tomorrow. We got to hang out with lots of friends and make some new ones! Some of our good friends from church stayed at the same hotel as us last night, so we met them for breakfast this morning. We chatted for over an hour before they had to leave to meet up with family. My honey and I ended up with about 4 hours to kill, so he took the opportunity to nap for a bit while I figured out what we’d do today!

Since we don’t get out much (seriously, we don’t!), I decided we should do something local. Right behind the hotel is the Frontier Culture Museum, so I suggested we go there. However, they are having a FREE admission day tomorrow with extra events and activities, so we put the trip off until then. On the way out of the venue, I snagged a Virginia Wine Guide and quickly found a wine-tasting place about two miles away 🙂

This was a great little place that recently opened in April. We tried 7 different wines: 4 white and 3 red. I really loved the White Ox because it was the sweetest. The rest of the whites were okay, but I was not fond of the reds at all! I have a very sensitive palette, so basically I couldn’t handle them 🙂

This woman was super nice and willing to answer all of the my questions and let me take pictures!

My honey and I both agreed that the White Ox was the best, but we decided not to buy a bottle. Maybe on our next trip down here!

For lunch, I had looked up gluten-free options in Staunton and found Cranberry’s Grocery and Eatery. It is right in the heart of downtown Staunton, which is just such a cute place!

Cranberry’s was FABULOUS!!! They had a huge selection of organic and all natural foods and products. Not only did they have bulk nuts and seeds, but they also had bulk spices. I wanted to do some shopping, but we were sort of crunched for time.

They were only serving their Sunday brunch menu and were out of quite a few things, but I managed to figure something out. I got the local, organic eggs and Udi’s GF toast with lots of butter and blackberry jam! I haven’t had toast since February, so this was a real treat! I was so excited to eat it that I forgot to take a picture! Here’s what was left though:

Here’s their super cute kitchen! They make their own apple juice with a mixture of the red and green apples!

For dessert, I had some sweet cream gelato- YUM!!!

I was really intrigued with this place and want to go back tomorrow, so we’ll see if it will fit into our plans!

Off to the wedding!

Do you do wine-tasting?? What’s your favorite wine?


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  1. I’ve never been wine tasting….BUT…. I am planning our ‘honeymoon’ and we are going to CA (lots of wine tasting!)….Our first honeymoon was cut short because I got unbelievably sick and he had to take me home on the second day. I am SO excited to try again at the whole honeymoon thing!!!

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  3. I LOVE wine tasting! I guess that goes in hand with living in “wine country”. I actually haven’t been as much as I’d like those.

    I really don’t have a favorite one although I do love a sparkling wine by Korbel called Moscato Frizzante. Other than that I enjoy drinking white wines during the summer and reds at night or in the winter.


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