Always a groomsman…

My honey is always a groomsman (and once a bridesman :)). We think he’s been in at least 6 weddings, most of which have taken place over the past two years. This weekend was no exception; he stood up front to show his support for a good friend. The wedding took place at this beautiful horse stable in Waynesboro, VA.

The rehearsal dinner on Saturday night was a lot of fun, but the wedding was even more fun! Enjoy some snapshots of the place and the wonderful people from the rehearsal dinner!

The groom

The bride

My honey and I (that's one of the dresses I got at LOFT!)

Sam and Kara= super fun couple!!

There was a fun bluegrass band that played all night

After the rehearsal dinner, a few of us decided to go out and get “wild and crazy!” Really, all of us wanted to be in bed because it was about 9:30pm! But instead, we went go-karting!

Go-karting in a dress 🙂

The line-up

The rest of the pictures from the go-karting turned out WAY too blurry, so that’s all I have. It was so much fun though!!!

Now on to the wedding day!

My honey! Looking very dapper 🙂

One of the only pictures we got of us, but it's now one of my faves!

The lovely bride and groom!

It's official!

My honey had TWO bridesmaids, AGAIN! This is the third wedding that he has been introduced with two girls!

Check out those bridesmaids’ dresses above, and now look at the bride’s dress again. The bride’s mother made all of the dresses!! Six bridesmaids dresses and the beautiful bride’s. Can you believe it?! They are gorgeous!!

First dance

As the groom’s brother gave his toast, all of the power went out! Nobody freaked out though and everyone took it in stride. The best man just continued his speech without the microphone. It was a really awesome speech!

My honey and I stayed on the dance floor until the very last song! We love dancing at weddings 🙂 Our friend Kara got a few pictures of us dancing, so hopefully she’ll send them to me soon. Apparently they are hilarious!

We’re finally home after over two days away from our pup, so my honey is laying with him right now (almost sleeping, really!). It’s pouring down rain right now, so we’re not sure what we’ll be doing for fireworks tonight. We’ll see!

Happy Independence Day everyone!


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  1. Looks fun! The mother made the dresses?!?! WOW! They are beautiful! Sounds like you had fun at the wedding! I love the honey’s boots, if only I could get my husband to buy a dress pair. He wears his work ones out, yuck!

  2. What a beautiful wedding–and a beautiful day! I need you to teach me how to take such gorgeous photos (although I think my camera may have something to do with it!) I love go-karting–that sounds like my kind of wedding!

    I love that photo of you & the Mr. as well! And I can’t believe she made all of those dresses. I thought they were from Ann Taylor or something when I first saw them.

    Have a great week!

  3. What a lovely wedding! I love those bridesmaid dresses!


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