Puppy Dog

My honey took our pup Titan to the vet yesterday to get weighed so we could get the right amount of Frontline for him. Guess how much he weighed???

60 lbs!!! He’s not even 5 months old yet! He’s a Great Dane, so we always knew he would be big one day, but it is fascinating to watch him grow so much in these first few months. We swear that he gets bigger every day! One day it’s his head that looks bigger, then the next day his legs look longer!

Anyhoo, there’s lots on the to-do list today! I already tackled sweeping and vacuuming the dog hair off the hardwood floor. AND I’ve already had my pre-workout snack of a granola bar and a glass of raw milk. My workout today is going to be a cardio, abs, and glutes circuit that is sure to drain me and burn mega calories! Yesterday was a rest day, so I’m ready to get moving today.

After my workout, there are those pesky tasks around the house to do like laundry and dishes. Since it is absolutely gorgeous out, I plan to spend some time in my garden (trying to bring it back to life!), and laying in my hammock reading (once I fix it since Titan decided he wanted to join my honey and I on it the other night and we all came crashing down!!!).

Later on this evening, we have to go to a viewing. Unfortunately, a local community member passed away this week. He had been battling cancer for quite some time and he caught pneumonia and his body just couldn’t handle it. His family is a large part of our little town, so we will be going out to support all of them. Pray for their family if you can!

What’s on your agenda for today?


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  1. Your puppy is getting big & so fast! 🙂 CUTE! (my mother in law has 2 great danes, wonderful dogs! So protective & smart!) Pray I will, that is a promise. Losing someone in a small community is hard on everyone, especially if the person’s life was to be admired and had such a large role.
    On my list: cook!, get some blogging done, workout hard, and clean like I’ve never cleaned before!

  2. Omg, Titan is so cute! Even though I have a pug, I LOVE big dogs that you can love on. I can’t wait to see him full grown!

    I’ll definitely say a prayer… sorry to hear that!

    I already crossed working out off of my list, & the rest of my day will be dedicated to wedding errands.

  3. Your dog is gorgeous! We should be in our garden today too, but it was 107 degrees here yesterday, so it’s just too hot to be out right now!!!

    Love your blog and I plan to stop by again!

  4. Your dog is so beautiful! Great Danes are great. I have a neighbor and she has 2 of them, and they are so sweet and BIG haha

  5. What a stunning (and GIANT) pup!! 5 months and that big?! I love it!!

    As much as the little tiny dogs are kinda cute now and then, I always get worried they’re underfoot. Not a problem with Titan, I bet!

  6. I have a friend who dislikes dogs…all except for Great Danes. I have to admit I’m not a big dog-lover myself, but I actually really do love dogs that are big in size. And your pup Titan has a gorgeous coat!

  7. The puppy is precious…. I wish we lived closer so I could see him more often. Thanks for keeping us updated with pics.

  8. I LOVE your pup and think you should post about him all the time. haha.


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