Meeting my niece

Earlier in the week, I planned on making Julie’s protein balls on Thursday before I went to my parents’ house. Even though I was running a little behind, I decided to stick with my plan. I got all of the ingredients. I got out my Magic Bullet, my 3-cup hand pump food processor, and my blender. I was ready!


I struggled to put this super simple recipe together!!! A true food processor is definitely a good idea for making this. However, I had to improvise and they still turned out okay. I ended up making the almond meal in the Magic Bullet, then trying the chop the chickpeas in the hand pump food processor, and tried mixing both of those in my blender. I pretty much failed at it all. LUCKILY, I have a pastry blender! Yes, folks, I made this recipe by hand with my pastry blender as my mixer. It actually worked really well! My arm was definitely sore though (I’m sure it had nothing to do with my workout earlier in the day either…).

Anyways, I proclaim success with these protein balls even though I had such trouble!

Just look at them! The flavor was interesting. I was a little concerned after I put the chickpeas in them…the smell was so strong I was sure they were going to taste just like it. However, the peanut butter and the almonds really mask it. The texture is still there (might be different if I used a REAL food processor), but they weren’t overly sweet. I would probably add a little more honey next time. The dark chocolate chunks I added definitely give it a little extra oomph! My older brother suggested I dip them in melted chocolate and then freeze them. Maybe next time!!

Okay, onto what you’re really waiting for!! Pictures of the cutie 🙂

Belly time on the blanket I crocheted for her at Christmas!

Nana (my mom) took her swimming!

She was so peaceful in the car!

Big yawn!

I’m absolutely in love and can’t wait to see her again today, and tomorrow, and on Sunday!! Hopefully I’ll get some pictures of her and I (my mom took a bunch, but she hasn’t sent them to me yet…mom? You there? Send me some pics!).

So today is the start of our family reunion. My dad’s side of the family gets together every two years somewhere across the country. I’ve been a bad family member the past few years and haven’t been to a reunion in 4 or 6 years! My dad volunteered to host the reunion here in VA, but then he got a job in NC and moved. He still did a good job of putting it all together! I suggested this resort down the road from us so that everyone could come see our house. Plus, it is nestled in the mountains with tons of hiking trails, and we’re only about an hour and a half from DC. It’s the perfect place for people to come visit so they can do a little of everything.

Tonight, we’ll be out at the resort hanging out and hopefully we’ll be able to do some hiking in the morning (very early since it is absolutely sweltering here!!!). Then, tomorrow night, everyone will be coming out to our cabin for a cookout and a tour of the house and property. I’m so excited to have people come see it!! However, that means it needs to be picked up….my honey just hollered at me that we need to get cracking on that, so I must go!

Do you have family reunions? Isn’t my niece adorable? 🙂


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  1. Looks like the protein balls still turned out well! I got a food processor for my bridal shower, but I’ve never used one so I’ll have to start experimenting!

    You’re niece is very, very cute!!! Have a great weekend spending time with her & the rest of your family. 🙂

    My family doesn’t do reunions, but we all live pretty close to each other for the most part!

  2. Your niece is adorable!

    My family does live close! We see each other all the time so I’m really lucky in that department.

  3. Your niece is too cute!!

    We do have family reunions, but that often, every 5-8 years. We all live so far away from one another so hard to get together.

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