Family Reunion- part 1

As I mentioned yesterday, we needed to pick up our house for the 25 family members who are coming over for dinner tonight. I figured we’d just stick to the main floor and pick up the junk we have lying around.

Oh no, my honey had other plans! Our basement is (WAS) filled to the brim with boxes of our stuff from our parents’ house. In the 8 months we’ve lived here, we’ve done nothing to clean up those boxes. But yesterday, my honey had a hankering for cleaning, so clean we did!

That's my behemoth of a workout machine! I love it!

The basement looks like a completely new place!!! I could barely to get my workout space before yesterday, so this is great! I’m actually planning a fun workout with the machine today 🙂

No lie, I took about 20 boxes and other things up two flights of stairs. I promise you I walked up, and then back down, both flights of stairs at least a hundred times. Talk about a glute workout!!! Then, we had to put it all in the attic. This required some tricky maneuvering since we just have a pull down ladder. Needless to say, I did not do a formal workout yesterday! This was workout enough!!!

Onto the reunion! Last night was a lot of fun! We found a great Italian place close to the resort that was willing to accommodate 25 people for dinner. We had one server, Rose, who was awesome!! The food was also delicious 🙂 I haven’t been to an Italian restaurant since I stopped eating wheat/gluten, so I was a little nervous. I drank a smoothie on the way there and brought some protein balls along just in case. Plus a Larabar (never leave home without it!). Anyways, I didn’t really need all of that stuff because I had a phenomenal creamy tomato soup to start with, then had gnocchi (potato dumplings= gluten- free!) with a meaty tomato sauce. Seriously yummy!!!!

I haven’t been to a family reunion in quite some time, so it was really fun to see everyone again. I was so young the last time I saw most of them, but they all seemed to recognize me! My grandparents were there, who I haven’t seen since my wedding two years ago. They live out in Arizona, so they don’t make it this way too often. In their mid-80’s, they are still pretty active and fit (must be where I get it from!). They even drove all the way out here from Arizona!! They started on July 5th, stayed in Missouri at some point and stayed the past week in Williamsburg. They’ll be heading out on Wednesday and won’t return home until August 2nd. Kind of crazy if you ask me!

I got to see my little brother and his girlfriend, who I haven’t seen in a few months. He lives up in NYC and works for some hot shot big company in Manhattan.

Old pic from Christmas, but they haven't changed much!

My older brother and his wife were there with my niece! I just realized that the only pictures I have from last night are of the baby 🙂 I’m a bad blogger! But I’m a great auntie!!!

Lots of fun pictures of my honey with Ally!

Content baby

Scared baby!

Now I’m off to finish cooking all of the food for tonight! On the menu, potato salad, chips and salsa, black bean & corn salsa, cheesy rice and broccoli bake, and pasta salad! The chicken is being ‘catered’ by a friend who did our rehearsal dinner. He’s setting up shop in our backyard and will cook the chicken in a fire pit of sorts! Yum!

Look at that steaming pile of goodness!!

What is your favorite recipe to serve at a big function? Have you ever cooked for 25 people?


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  1. I have NEVER cooked for that many people! I may have fainted! ….I wish you luck girl!
    It will all be worth it to have your family around you, and that basement clean must be a load off, whadda workout! OUCH! Feeling that today?
    That niece is a cutie! Awwww, even her scared face is cute! HAVE FUN!!!! 🙂

  2. Love the pictures! Your niece is so sweet! I’ve never had to cook for that many people… that’s serious business! Have fun at the reunion!

  3. I’ve never cooked for a crowd like that, but I tend to like dishes that can serve a lot – salads (vegetables, fruit or pasta) and veggie/fruit trays.


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