Workout Wednesday/Family Reunion part 3

A few months ago, I was really into yoga. I would try to do some sort of routine (even if I just made it up) every day, especially to stretch. I didn’t really enjoy it back in college when I took it as a class, but I have found a new appreciation for it. Lately I’ve slacked off a bit with it, but this morning I was just itchin’ to do some stretchin’!

Enter in my favorite routine by Tara Stiles: Morning Yoga for Flexibility. I used to do it on mornings when my legs were feeling really tight, which is why I decided to do it this morning. Such a good stretching routine!!

Not only was it awesome to get back into it a bit, but I also watched the sunrise from my bedroom as I did it. It looked sort of something like this:

An old picture, but still captures the beauty of what I saw this morning!

Sunday, the last day of the family reunion, was probably my favorite. Although I enjoyed having everyone over at our house (which we’ve been planning for almost two years!!!), I was really excited to take people hiking in our area! My honey and I used to hike all.the.time. Before we got married that is…Anyways, it’s a ton of fun, plus we have hundreds of miles of trails in our little valley, so I knew we could go somewhere close. I don’t even think I have to mention what a great workout it is…

But I will! Hiking uses your entire body to propel you up and down hills and mountains. The main body part worked is your legs. Your quads, hamstrings and calves all work together to move your body. The rough terrain of hiking trails will build up your core because your body is constantly having to stabilize itself so you don’t get injured. Just be careful of rocks and roots sticking out so you don’t trip! If you have any type of trail near you, I highly recommend taking a hike 🙂

Being the trip leader of sorts, I picked out a trail that was a bit challenging at parts (great for the hammies and glutes!) and had a great view at the top. It was 2 miles up to the view and then another 2 back down to make a perfect 4 mile hike for a Sunday morning.

This was the view on the car ride there. You can almost see me in the review mirror 🙂 We truly live in the most beautiful place!!

This was the view from about halfway up the mountain. 

Here’s the view of our ‘town’- can you find the road down below?

This is Buzzard Rock, aptly named for the buzzards that like to congregate here. Just not on a Sunday morning!

From behind the above picture.

Can you see my honey? It scares me a little that he is so nonchalant about hanging his feet over the edge! There are people who will repel from this and/or rock climb it back up. I think they’re crazy!!

Another view of our valley. 

Looking the other direction. 

The group! Minus me since I was taking the pic. We tried taking one with me in it too, but we didn’t have a tall enough tripod, so it was a very bad angle!

We had a good time at the top! We stayed for at least 20-30 minutes chatting about this and that. The woman in the yellow shirt and the man with the dark beard in the picture below hiked the Appalachian trail about 10 years ago. They had been dating for about two years and just decided to do it. They quit jobs and planned everything out and took 6 months off from life to hike the entire thing. Isn’t that amazing?! I’m jealous, to say the least! I told my honey we need to take like two weeks one summer and do a portion of the trail here in VA. Maybe one day we could do the whole thing! Anyways, they shared such awesome stories with us and it sounded like an incredible experience. 

We finally decided to head out because there was brunch waiting for us at the resort! 

The trails around our area are marked with an ‘i’ and are ‘blazed’ different colors. They really help keep you on the trail!

It was such a beautiful hike! Wonderful workout and quality time spent with family 🙂 Especially my sister-in-law (the back of her head is above!). We talked pretty much the entire way down and it was so great to catch up with her, especially about Ally 😀

Do you like to hike? What is the coolest hike you’ve done before?


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  1. Great Pictures! Wish I could have made the hike.

  2. That looks like fun, seriously! I live on the great plains, so I don’t get to hike. That view! Beautiful!! …I totally couldn’t find your town in that valley, no road, nothing…. so. many. trees. WOW!

  3. Stunning pictures!!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  4. Such beautiful scenery! There are hiking trails about 5 minutes from my house, so if I ever want to go for a hike, that’s usually the go-to place!

  5. I LOVE hiking! This hike looks like gorgeous views! My favorite hiking was in HAwaii! Just breathtaking!

  6. I love love love hiking! Mt. Rainier was probably my fav!

  7. I love hiking. I also love backpacking. I’m going August 12th for 3 days and can’t wait. I’ve been going backpacking every year since I was 13. My favorite trip was probably my first time to the Trinity Alps – so many beautiful waterfalls. Your hike looks beautiful too! 🙂

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