Sweet Bee

Yesterday, a co-worker told me about this great new frozen yogurt place in town. As soon as she was done talking, I immediately said I’d be going at lunch. I’m so thankful she found me in the morning because I would have been so sad to have had to wait to go!

For awhile now I’ve read about other bloggers getting fro yo or going to Pinkberry. First I thought, “what the heck is Pinkberry?” and then I thought “what’s the big deal?” I use my raw milk and cream to make my own ice cream at home, so why would I want to get some frozen yogurt??

Now that I’ve been to Sweet Bee, I understand.

inside sweet bee

I was blown away by this place! First of all, how can you not be blown away by the bright green?! And, to be honest, I had to look up Pinkberry when I got home to see if it was like this place because I truly thought Pinkberry was sort of like a TCBY or any other type of ice cream place out there.

Instead, both Pinkberry and Sweet Bee are serve yourself heavens with healthy frozen yogurt. Although I wish some were not non-fat, I love that they have the live and active cultures in them. Makes you feel a little better about splurging!

You choose a cup and then fill it up with as much frozen yogurt as you want. Then you head over to the toppings area and load up! Then, you weigh the cup and pay just $0.42 an oz (is it the same price at Pinkberry??). It’s a pretty neat way of getting exactly what you want for a decent price!

I tried a few different flavors, but ended up choosing a mixture of the blueberry and the raspberry. Both delicious and the blueberry had no added sugar- score!

The topping choices were seemingly endless. From Fruity Pebbles to fresh fruit and Reese’s Cups to Cheesecake Bites, any palette could be pleased. I personally went with the fresh fruit, and lots of it! The only downfall of the fresh fruit is that it weighs significantly more than the Fruity Pebbles do…oh well! I ended up paying $3.90 for the cup and was satisfied, but not overly stuffed when I left.

I might have to make this a weekly thing 🙂 It was so delicious!

The only bad thing about this place is that the woman wasn’t too fond of me taking pictures of the toppings. Have other bloggers out there ever had trouble taking pics in a restaurant??

Do you have a frozen yogurt place like this near you?? What’s your favorite flavor of fro yo or ice cream?


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  1. I am so jealous of bloggers talking about delicious frozen yogurt places… we have NONE around me! I think the closest (that I know of) is a TCBY in a mall about 20 minutes away… how depressing!

    When I’m out in public, I’ve been taking pictures with my cell phone because it’s a little more discreet… I’m easing my way into this! 🙂

  2. looks like a great place, we do not have one of those near us but we have some of those other popular yogurt places. Since we do not do well with dairy it is hard for us to go to those places, but it always looks great!

  3. We have too many frozen yogurt places to count around here. My favorite is this place called Yogurt Farms and it’s not self-serve. It’s sooo delicious though – my absolute favorite fro yo place ever!

  4. No soft serve of ANY kind for miles around. That’s why I have grown to love my homemade ice cream/ ice milk….. Oh the toppings, too bad the lady was a little unhappy about your love of photographing the toppings. I thank you that you took the risk, now I can drool! YUMMMM!

  5. Oh that looks soooo good right now such a tease! We have a bunch of fro yo places around us, but due to possible listeria, I can’t eat it until Baby D arrives. I’m driving straight there after we leave the hospital though! 🙂

  6. That woman can suck a spoon, you’re probably doing her business a favor taking some sexy topping pictures!! And also, I want froyo so hard right now, it hurts.

  7. Kelsey @utmosthealth

    This post make me so sad :*( I am living in South Africa right now (have been for 8 months) I used to get frozen yogurt at a place just like this all the time in Dallas!! I cant WAIT to get back and have some fro-yo. I told my Mom its the first place I want to go when I get out of the airport. I *may* be a tad bit obsessed…


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