My top 10 tips for staying healthy

It took me awhile to get to this place, but now that I’m here, I want to do everything I can to stay! Eating healthy has made such a difference in my life, I just want to share my experiences with others 🙂 Since there are lots of different thoughts about what it means or takes to be “healthy,” I figured I’d share the things I do personally to keep up my healthy lifestyle.

  1. eat more raw foods although I don’t subscribe to eating a raw diet, I do agree that adding raw foods to your diet is really beneficial. Raw foods are super easy to incorporate into your day: salads (see my fave one below!), carrots and PB, fruit and spinach smoothies, nuts and Larabars 🙂
  2. drink lots of water this should go without saying, but water really helps to flush out the system and it energizes me to get through the day! Check out my post about water for more about its benefits.
  3. stay away from polyunsaturated fatsmost of these are hydrogenated! These fats can be found in almost all processed foods (especially baked goods). Once these fats/oils are heated, they become oxidized and rancid, which is not good for your body. Basically, I just stay away from processed foods!
  4. eat more healthy fats: dairy with fat, coconut oil, olive oilfats actually aid in the digestion process. They also help your body absorb vital nutrients. Check out my post about Real Fats for more intriguing info.
  5. eat balanced meals with protein, carbs and fats- I always make sure to have all three in each meal. Sometimes my proteins and fats are packaged together like in nuts and nutbutters. My carbs are usually fruits and vegetables, or whole grains like quinoa and brown rice.
  6. exercise regularly: both strength training and cardio- eating healthy is definitely my way of ensuring I feel my best, but exercising regularly strengthens my body so I can perform at my best too. Plus, it energizes me for the day when I work out in the mornings!
  7. keep portion size in check- this is a tough one sometimes, but very imperative. Even if the food you are eating is healthy, you can still consume too much. I’m not one for counting calories, but knowing my limit on portions helps me to not feel overly stuffed. I especially pay close attention to my portions at dinner when I want a big dessert 🙂
  8. limit the amount of added sugar- processed and packaged foods often add sugar (or high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, maltodextrin, etc.) to make up for the lack of flavor in the other ingredients. Added sugar is sneaked into so many foods that you would never expect! Try finding a package of hamburger buns without it!!! Some brands have 5 or more grams of sugar per bun-OUTRAGEOUS! I also stay away from white sugar, using maple syrup, honey and agave nectar instead.
  9. eat breakfast- seriously. Eat it EVERYDAY!!! Breakfast helps me stay energized until my snack at 10:00am. Yes, eating breakfast will make you hungrier, but that just means your metabolism is up and running for the day!
  10. eat multiple times throughout the day- I eat breakfast around 6:30am, a snack at 10am, lunch at 12pm, a snack at 3:30pm-ish, and then dinner sometime around 7pm. Plus, I usually have dessert after dinner. Eating like this keeps me full and satisfied, but never bloated and stuffed.

I’m still really new to the blogging world, but I’m so happy that I have found this great healthy living/eating community! I have been inspired by so many other bloggers and have enjoyed reading your experiences as well as sharing my own. This weekend I will be whipping up a few recipes from across different blogs and I’m so excited about it! I hope to be successful in taking pictures of the recipes I make, so look for a post this weekend about the experience and some great recipes on Tuesday!

What is your top tip for staying healthy?


About eat healthy. be happy. live well.

A 20-something farmer's wife who has finally learned to eat healthy, be happy and live well!

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  1. I love these tips & hearing about what works best for you! I agree with your tip about eating breakfast! I’m a teacher & I’ve heard so many people I work with say they don’t eat breakfast! I don’t know how they do it, especially since we’re up & moving around for the most part of our days.

  2. Girl, I’m so glad that I read your blog! You are so insightful and real with yourself, so it comes across as real to us too! LOVE THAT! …..Such great info! I agree with your post-it note! ….It’s about the quality of living! 🙂

  3. Just came across your blog, very nice! I am sort if new to the blogging world too. I started in 09, but didn’t do much with it, I didn’t have the “me” time yet. Now that my babies are getting older, I have jumped back in to the blogging community.
    For staying healthy, I try to get as many greens, veggies and fruit in our diets. Eat lots of whole, unprocessed foods. Drink “green” smoothies! Exercise in the brief moments that I can. 🙂

  4. LOVED this post and totally agree with your points 🙂 I think listening to your body is high on my list as well.

  5. Awesome post and GREAT tips! I try to eat as clean as I can – no processed foods whenever possible. I have so much more energy when I do!

  6. This is the best post I have read in a long time and are great rules to follow too

  7. great post! well said about all your tips! love the idea of incorporating more raw foods 😉 and enjoying those healthy fats!!! xoxo


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