Workout Wednesday- BODYFLOW

Before getting into the workout for today, I have to say a very special Happy Birthday to my older brother! He’s the BIG 3-0!! Although we had our moments of fighting when we were younger, he really is a great brother! He’s an awesome cook, and I plan to share some of his recipes with you all soon. I’ve also asked him to do a guest post for me when things start to get really busy for me in a few days at work!

Everyone had a jacket with their name on it when we were in elementary school! It was almost the most exciting day of my life when I finally got mine 🙂

He’s also a brand new dad and is so amazing with his daughter 🙂 I always knew he’d be a good dad! He’s also a great husband and I’d like to think I had something to do with that! I always gave him and my little brother advice about girls and how to treat them 🙂

Happy Birthday, Nick!!! I hope the 30’s treat you well 🙂

Okay, onto working out!

I work on a college campus and was accepted into a year-long series where small groups of faculty and staff on campus create projects to do something good for the university. With my passion for health and wellness, I brought up the idea of fitness classes exclusively for faculty and staff.

Currently, the gym on our campus is open and free to anyone affiliated with JMU- students, faculty, staff, spouses, etc. The gym offers a great assortment of classes, some even instructed by students. However, with 18,000 students, the classes fill up really quickly (especially the lunch-time and after-work classes when we faculty and staff have time to workout). Plus, some faculty and staff are not comfortable working out with students for many reasons that I won’t get into here. Instead, I’m going to talk about one of the classes we were able to offer this summer.

In working with some fantastic ladies from the Gold’s Gym in our area, we were able to offer Les Mills’ BODYFLOW. I was told it is a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates, which I was excited about. I took a semester-long Yoga class my junior year of college, but never really got into it. Then I took the semester-long Pilates class my senior year of college and loved it! I’ve gotten into Yoga more recently, but I like to just flow from pose to pose and not really hold them for too long. Mostly I do it for stretching on my rest days (or to just wake up in the morning). Anyways, I was excited to try this class!

The only Tai Chi was in the very beginning for the warm up. It took me a bit to get into it because it is not “normal” movement that I would do to warm up (like running in place or jumping jacks).

The next track is Sun Salutations. These were great after the warm up and sometimes we’d flow quickly through, but others we held for a little longer. We did some Yoga strength tracks with Tree and Warrior poses. Talk about a burn!!! My legs were definitely feeling it after each of these workouts.

The abs tracks were my favorite. With Pilates-inspired moves, we were working the deepest part of our core. Doing some really simple side planks didn’t hurt during the class, but my obliques were screaming the next day, which I loved! We also did some work on our lower back, which can often be forgotten.

The very end of the class was about ten minutes of relaxation and meditation. This was the part I hated in my college yoga class, but this time, I always looked forward to it! Since we did this class at lunch time, this was such a great way for me to decompress in the middle of the day!

I really like switching up my workouts, so doing this for the month of July was a really great way to do that. Although I won’t be joining Gold’s Gym in order to take this and other group fitness classes, I will be incorporating a lot of the moves I learned into my workouts.

As for my project, we will be presenting to a lot of people at the university in December about the success of our classes over the summer. We are hoping it is something the university will continue! Cross your fingers for us!

Because of the project, I was invited to Gold’s Gym to partake in another Les Mills class: BODYCOMBAT! Oh my goodness, ya’ll!!! This was no joke! It was fast, fun, and a killer workout! It’s kickboxing on speed, honestly! With so many punches, my upper back and shoulders are screaming today. It is such a great total body workout; and it all went so fast, I was never bored and it surely didn’t feel like a 60 minute class!

I will definitely be using some of those moves in my workouts as well! I’m hoping to be able to try out BODYPUMP as well since so many of you other bloggers have talked about how awesome it is. If you’re not sure what it is, Jordan does a great recap of it here.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend you check out a Les Mills class near you!

Have you tried a Les Mills class? Which one?


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  1. Kelsey @utmosthealth

    I love Les Mills! I worked out a gym that had them all and we had to take them all but I enjoyed taking them! I really liked Body Pump!

  2. Love the photo of you and Nick! I can remember how excited I was when Santa finally brought me my Lakota jacket with my name on it! ha! Love the blog! Keep it up 🙂

  3. I take BodyPump 2-3 times per week! My gym is launching BodyFlow this weekend, but I’ll have to wait to try it out until after my honeymoon.

  4. Ah, thanks for the shout out!

    Body Flow at my gym is the LEAST convenient timed class of all. I need to find a time to sneak it in, as there’s only one class offered anytime after 5pm!

  5. Happy Birthday to your brother!!

  6. I’ve heard so many great things about those body pump classes, I would love that idea of having the classes available just to staff if i was a teacher. I would feel awkward as a teacher OR a student working out in the same class together. Then again I guess it could be a great way to get super close (possibly closer than you want)

  7. Happy Birthday to your bro! What sweet words you have for him…. awwww 🙂
    I can’t go to any fitness classes because of my location but it would be awesome to be able to go to some, I’m alway so jealous of those of you that can go! They sound so MOTIVATING and FUN! A win-win combo in my book!


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