Sunday Funday!

Yesterday was a nice relaxing day for me! I only left the house to check the mail and let the dog out. That is my kind of Saturday 🙂 (yes, I might be slightly agoraphobic at times…why do you ask?)

I got most of the things on my list done, except for the boring cleaning! I did clean the kitchen a bunch of times though since I made the Larabars, granola bars, date syrup, and fruit salad. Plus, I made a cheesy pasta dish for dinner! I wish I could spend every day in my kitchen like that 🙂

Today was a little less relaxing, but a little more fun!

After church, I ran 3 miles and pumped out an awesome arm workout. Then I had a yummy smoothie and pancakes for lunch! Sounds like a complete meal to me 😉

My honey and I had talked earlier in the day about taking our pup on a hike, so we packed up some snacks and water and headed out around 2:30pm. We hiked to a reservoir, which was about 2 miles from where we had to park. It’s not a tough hike, but after just running 3 miles, my legs were tired.

We ended up running into some people we knew along the way and then hung out with them once we made it to the reservoir. They were biking and running there, and we just walked, so they were already in the water when we finally made it.

I chose not to get in the water because it sort of creeps me out! I’m just not too keen on getting into water where I can’t see what kinds of creatures could come nibble on me. Instead, I let my honey and the pup have fun in the water!

Probably my new favorite picture!

Unfortunately, I ended up chasing Titan all over the place once he got out of the water since he wanted to play with our friends’ dog. I ended up chasing him through a nest of baby ticks and had to pick about 50 of them off of me when we were getting ready to leave- eww! I have never wanted to shower so badly!!! I walked as fast as I could to get to the car — we couldn’t run because our pup isn’t supposed to run long distances until he’s at least a year old.

We finally made it home around 5:45pm and I undressed on my way to the shower! A shower has never felt that good!!!

I’m all clean now (and hopefully completely tick-free!) and ready for bed. I’m mentally preparing myself to go back to work tomorrow morning. This week is going to be exhausting, but a lot of fun!

Tell me about your job! What kind of place do you work at? Do you have a busy time of the year?


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  1. What fun!!!!! I am a teacher and every time of year is super busy…. However, this time of year is very stressful with the starting of a new year and a new grade AGAIN. So. much. stress.
    Your day looks great! Minus the ticks = OH NOOOOO! I love your new favorite picture, so cute! 🙂

  2. Kelsey @utmosthealth

    Sounds like an awesome day!! I cant stand ticks they really freak me out…if I get one on me I am itchy all day!

  3. BAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Baby ticks just sounds like the beginning of a terrifying horror film. Glad you got out alive!

    And it’s too funny that that’s your baby puppy…. he’s so big! Great pictures, and it looks like a blast.

    (ps no shame in your game of not going in spooky mysterious water. Who knows what lies beneath?)

  4. Looks like a lovely day! Enjoy the start of the new school year!

  5. awww your baby doggie is so cute! Looks like a fun day!

    I work at a construction company in the office doing H/R/Accounting work. Our busy time of the year is summer and during the winter we are slowww.

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