Monday, not Funday

I woke up with a headache this morning and I think I will be going to bed with one too. I’ve honestly never had this happen to me.

The moment my eyes popped open this morning at 5:20am, my head was hurting. I had a seriously long day of talking to and training my students that I really had to push the throbbing pain to the side to get through the day. I drank plenty of water and ate really healthy (even though I was in the dining hall for lunch) and still the head hurts. Any natural suggestions to help get rid of it??

When I finally got home this evening, all I wanted to do was lay down- my pup had another idea though! He really thinks we’re going to let him up on the couch one of these days. I think not! He is far too big to be up there!!


And he’s only going to get bigger!

When my honey walked in the door and saw me laying on the couch (I put the dog outside so I could get some peace and quiet!), he told me his head had been bothering him all day too….hmmmm. Not good!

Anyway, I’ve got the evening to myself since my honey had a Ruritan meeting tonight. I’m getting some posts together for this week since I’ll be pretty busy each day, and watching So You Think You Can Dance from last week on Hulu! Anyone else a fan?? 

Is it bad that for dinner I am having a cup of my black bean and corn salsa with chips and some cookies (healthy, I promise! And recipe to come soon- I swear!)?? Who cares though, really? It’s making me happy 🙂

How was your Monday??


About eat healthy. be happy. live well.

A 20-something farmer's wife who has finally learned to eat healthy, be happy and live well!

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  1. I just ate so much mashed potatoes for dinner I can hardly think straight. Full of taters…. but sometimes that just makes sense. Especially after a headache-filled day.

    I’m sorryyyyyyyyyyyy! Feel better, snuggle with that pup a lup!

  2. My Monday has been a super-dooper bummer! Some stuff at work (school) has went very very wrong. God is having to hold me super close today…. Tomorrow will be better, the sun will shine and all will be well…. I hope that you feel better SOOOOOOON! Take care and maybe some peppermint oil in some warm water. Or, take a nice bubble bath! 🙂

  3. ahh Hope you feel better soon! And your honey too. Hehe I think it’s so cute that you call him “my honey”!! 😉

  4. sorry about the headaches, I get them from time to time and it drives me crazy not always sure where they came from? is water? sleep? sugar? I almost think everytime it is something different. ugh

    hope you get some relief!

  5. It’s not natural but usually drinking something with caffeine like a coffee or coke and taking 2 liquid Advil seem to really help me.

  6. Hope you feel better! Headaches suck, I get them once a month, darn hormones! I use peppermint too (like Julie said) as well as warm bath with lavendar essential oil just to relax. Hope today is better!


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