Workout Wednesday- Drop Sets

Doing a million reps and sets of the same old biceps curls and triceps kickbacks can get kind of boring. Not only do you get bored, but so do your muscles. They can get used to doing the same moves over and over again and since they aren’t challenged as much, you’ll stop seeing progress. So basically you’re wasting your time with each exercise you do if you’re not changing it up every once in awhile. I highly doubt that any of you have extra time to waste, so here’s a super easy way to switch things up for your arm workout!

Drop sets are a fun way to change your workout routine without having to do any new and complicated moves. Drop sets require a little more equipment, but are a quick and tough workout to really surprise your muscles, making them work harder and ultimately become more toned and shapely. While you can do drop sets with almost any strength move, I really like to use them for my biceps and triceps.

The basic principle of drop sets is to start with high weight and low reps, then move to low weight and high reps with no rest in between each exercise. An example of this type of workout would be:

Biceps curls

5 reps with 15lb dumbbells

10 reps with 12lb dumbbells

15 reps with 10lb dumbbells

Triceps kickbacks

5 reps with 15lb dumbbells

10 reps with 12lb dumbbells

15 reps with 10lb dumbbells

Depending on your personal strength, you could use heavier weights or lighter weights. This is a lot tougher than it sounds, so make sure you do what works for you and don’t strain yourself!!

I like to change up the moves that I do with the different weights for two reasons:

1. I get bored easily doing the same move over and over again and

2. I have to work with the equipment that I have.


We have a behemoth of a weight machine that I’ve only started getting used to using:

That's my behemoth of a workout machine! I love it!

I also have only one 15lb dumbbell, two 8lb dumbbells and two 5lb dumbbells, along with multiple resistance bands. Because of this equipment, my most recent drop set workout was as follows:


Biceps curl on weight machine- 5 reps at 30#

Hammer curl with dumbbells- 12 reps at 8#

21’s with resistance band- 15 reps


Overhead rope press on weight machine- 5 reps at 20#

Kickbacks with DB- 12 reps at 8#

Warrior 2 with triceps extension- 20 reps each arm with resistance band

I did each set twice. Although I didn’t repeat the same moves with different weights, I was still targeting the primary muscle group, just from a different angle with each move.

You don’t have to do three different weights; you could just do two different ones if you don’t have enough equipment. You could also do each move until you are fatigued instead of trying to do a set number of reps. If that proves to be too tough to do for each move, you could just do the last move in the set to fatigue.

Drop sets allow you to surprise your muscles and challenge yourself a little bit more. I don’t recommend doing them for every workout, but adding it in for a week or two here and there will help change things up!

Have you ever done drop sets as part of a workout?


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8 responses »

  1. Can’t say I’ve ever done it…. I try to make sure my muscles aren’t doing the same thing all the time. I need to do more weights for sure!!!!

  2. I need to try drop sets! They sound awesome.

    You should check out this post…. … I think you’ll really like it 😉

  3. I have done drop sets before – they are NOT easy! Congrats on the awesome workout 🙂

  4. Thanks for the ideas! As a trainer, I’m always looking for new ways to lift! And to be honest, I’ve never done a drop set before – it’s on my sheet for today, thanks to you!!

  5. I needed a new workout routine–thanks for sharing!


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