Clean clean clean

The concert was AWESOME last night!!! Thanks for asking 🙂

Unfortunately, I will not have time to recap the whole thing today. We got up late because we got home so late last night, and we’ve been cleaning all day long. Our house was very ‘lived in’ and it has been driving me nuts!

It took both of us to pick up all of the clothing off of our bedroom floor….aren’t we supposed to grow out of that someday?? My honey had the nerve to say something about back to school shopping too! Seriously, we have enough clothing to dress a small army!

In our kitchen, we have a gigantic table.

Ready for Christmas dinner!

We brought it in for Christmas because we had lots of family over. My brother and I cooked for 14 people! It was phenomenal!!! Anyways, the table has not left our kitchen like it was supposed to. Because of its size, we use it as a collecting spot for EVERYTHING. We had magazines, newspapers, bills, purses, tools, and other miscellaneous stuff on it. It was completely overrun and it seriously caused me anxiety every time I stepped foot in the kitchen.

We picked up all of that and actually threw away and recycled a lot of stuff. Then, it was time for the counter top and dishes. I had to unload, reload, and unload the dishwasher. How can two people go through so many dishes?!?!

I also swept and vacuumed our hard wood floor. We didn’t realize our puppy was going to shed so much or make such a mess of our beautiful floor!

All of that, plus cleaning the bathroom and doing two loads of laundry makes for a very long and busy day! We still have a sweet 16 birthday party to go to tonight for my honey’s cousin. It’ll be tons of fun, but I could sure use some more time at home to do all of the other things that were on my list this weekend!!

I’ll leave you with this in anticipation of my recap of the concert:

We were really far away....

I’m pretty sure I have an inappropriate crush on Luke Bryan…seriously. If he were here, I might consider leaving my honey for him…but don’t tell him that!! I mean, don’t tell Luke because then he’d try to come take me from my honey!! Oh, he’s got a wife and kids? Never mind then. I’ll stick with my honey 😉


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A 20-something farmer's wife who has finally learned to eat healthy, be happy and live well!

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  1. Amanda Haywood

    He looks enough like him to solve the problem 😉

  2. You’re table is very pretty and perfect for big family dinners! I love a clean house!!

  3. Love your table! Good job clearing it off. That’s a trouble spot in our house, too.


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