Barrel Oak Winery

On Friday night, my honey and I went to a wine tasting with some other teachers from his school. I was really excited to go to the winery because I had driven by it many times as it was being built and it looked spectacular.

Unfortunately, we didn’t arrive by limo.

I knew nothing about the winery so I looked it up online and found out that it was a pet- and kid-friendly place! They also don’t mind if you bring your own food!

The inside of the tasting room:

We soon realized that we were upstairs in the loft.

Makes you feel so special, right?

We tasted 6 of their wines and I only liked one of them. I’m just not a big wine fan. I like the really sweet stuff like Moscato and Riesling! I enjoy doing tastings because I like learning how the different flavors are produced, but I just can’t take the really dry stuff.

It is sort of hard to see, but underneath the tree is a dog. Their whole winery and life are built around their four dogs. Check out more of the story on their website:

This is the view from upstairs looking towards the main entrance:

Here is another view looking straight down:

A little relaxation spot up in the loft:

One more view of the downstairs:

This one is looking down towards the other entrance. The doors remained open the whole time because it was such a beautiful night!

Outside the big sliding doors was a patio with lots of tables.

See the dogs and kids in the picture? This was such a great family atmosphere with even better views!!!

The views eventually turned into this:

And this:

A few shots of the outside of the building:

The main entrance:

This was definitely the most interesting and laid-back winery I’ve ever been to! I really enjoyed the atmosphere and I would love to go back soon! If we had known it was pet-friendly sooner, we probably would have taken Titan. Although, he’s not even 6 months yet and still has a lot to learn about being around other dogs!

What do you think of taking pets and kids to a winery? Yay or nay?


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  1. This looks like an awesome place! I’m with you on the sweet wine ONLY! 🙂 I’m sure my pug would love to go to a winery! Anywhere that he can be where people will pay him attention, he’s game!

  2. I love finding out more and more about wine and what I like and what I hate…. I’m learning so fast thanks to the vacation with the husband! That place is SO CUTE! I’m sure it was fun! I’m not so sure I would take my kids, but to each their own!

  3. Kelsey @utmosthealth

    What state are you in?? That looks just like the wineries close to my parents house in Southeast Missouri!!

    I dont like dry wine either. It has to be sweet for me! I cant drink very much wine either because I feel it after 1 glass! HAHA!

  4. What an amazing building!! I’d never bring my kids to a winery. We try not to let them drink until they’re say, 10 or so. 😉

  5. I don’t think I would take my kids or dog to a winery…I view it as a relaxing time for me, but it wouldn’t upset me if other people chose to do so. Also, is this the winery that you can see on I-66?
    I am the type of person that has to try each wine to know if I like it. I tend to like the sweet ones, but I also like some of the dry reds, it really is tasting for me 🙂

  6. What a beautiful winery! I love going to wine tastings but have not done so in a long time! I would not bring my kids or our dog to a winery. When I think of drinking wine, I want total relaxation. My kids are 8 and under so that does NOT equal relaxation and my dog, well he’s high maintance too. Great post!


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