Another year older…

Nope, not me silly!!

Today is my honey’s birthday!!! I won’t tell you how old he is because he really hates birthdays…well, really he just doesn’t like the idea of getting older! He’s approaching 30…yikes! (okay, so I’m really not that far behind him, but at least we’re in it together!)

Side note about the hat he is wearing (which I bought him for our first Christmas together!): if you look really closely underneath the brim, you’ll see a signature. Guess who?

Yep, we got to meet her when she came to play at our university a few years back. (Not the greatest pic of me, but what can you do?!)

Anyways, we went to the concert on Saturday as my honey’s birthday gift (I promise I will recap soon!), but tonight we are also going out to eat. I pretty much turn him down every time he wants to go out for Japanese and sushi, so I decided I would take him there for his b-day.

I didn’t get him a gift other than the concert for three reasons:

  1. The concert was actually pretty expensive when you factor in the gas to get there and going out to eat before hand
  2. He’s not the easiest to shop for (read: he likes expensive gadgets and tractor parts that I know nothing about!!!)
  3. I don’t like giving gifts! I’d much rather share an experience with the person (like going to a concert!) than buy them material things. This stems from two things: a) I am my mother’s child (she loves going to plays and shows with the fam), and b) I don’t really like to get gifts unless they are super practical, so I tend to not be so good at giving them!
Adorable, right??

He was really into baseball growing up. He actually did lots of sports including swimming and golf too!

I already gushed about how wonderful my honey is on our anniversary, so I won’t do any more of that today! I’ll simply say that I love this guy to pieces and I can’t wait to spend at least 70 more birthdays with him 😉

Happy Birthday, honey!!


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  1. I hope you both have a wonderful Day and YEAR! Happy Birthday!

  2. I’m really jealous you got to meet Taylor Swift! I love her!

  3. Aww! Happy Birthday to your honey!! 🙂 I bet he loved the gifts! They are memorable and nothing is better than time to give– –I’m not so much into giving gifts out of ‘well, it’s time for another gift giving occasion, better find something to give them. No matter how hard I try to pick our the most amazing gift EVER (and sometimes it is) the person never remembers a year or two later. That bothers me when I feel that it was a waste….

  4. Memories are the best gifts ever! Happy birthday to your honey!

  5. Happy Birthday honey! Sounds like you gave a great present – an experience!

  6. Just discovered your blog – so cool that you got to meet Taylor Swift. I love her!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your honey! I bet you had a blast at the concert!

  8. Great pics!! Happy birthday to your man!

  9. Whaaa….you met her?! That’s so cool!

    I’m the same way with bdays – I’d totally rather share an experience with my love. 🙂


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