Concert fun!

Here we are a whole week after the concert and I’m just now getting around to recapping it! It’s been a busy week!

Last Saturday night, my honey and I went to a Tim McGraw concert with some friends. Opening for him was The Band Perry and Luke Bryan (swoon!). I was really excited for this because I absolutely love all of these artists!

We got there early and made it to our ‘seats’ on the lawn in plenty of time. I took advantage of the downtime to take some pictures before it got too dark!

A little farming humor.

Our friends who came with us! Thanks for driving through the crazy traffic for us!

Side note: what is with the outfits people choose to wear in public?!? Maybe I don’t get out enough, but there were some questionable clothing choices at the concert…

I, on the other hand, kept things plain and boring!

Onto the music! The Band Perry started the concert off on the right foot! They were pretty energetic and played their more upbeat songs at first. They did play “If I Die Young” but it wasn’t as slow and serious as I expected it to be. They only played about 5 songs, and I really wish they would have had more time to play because they have some awesome songs!

Luke Bryan came on next and blew me away! First of all, I totally have a crush on him. I feel like I’m in fourth grade again when I would pull on Billy’s hair on the school bus because I thought that’s how you said “I like you!” If Luke (yes, we’re on a first name basis ;))ย were around right now, I would surely try to pull his hair in hopes he would get the message!!

Second of all, that man’s got some moves!!! He really knows how to dance! I just wish we had been closer so I could have seen it better ๐Ÿ™‚

He played a lot of his high-energy songs that I love, but also played a few of his serious songs like “Do I.” During the song “Shake It” some older, portly gentlemen came out on stage dressed in cut-off jean shorts, blonde wigs and pink belly shirts that said “Country Girl” It was hysterical! You could tell that Luke wasn’t expecting it at all. He sort of lost it laughing at them dancing around. One guys’ shorts actually started falling down revealing his tighty-whities!

After seeing Luke running around the stage with so much energy, I started wishing he was the main act! I could have watched him all night…

I mean seriously, who wouldn’t drool over this??

I digress…

Tim McGraw finally came out and actually tricked the audience. Instead of appearing on the stage, he started out in the middle of the crowd towards the back. How cool is that? He sang three or four songs from there and then made his way to the front while singing another song. As soon as he started singing (the BBQ stain song!) everyone else did too! You could barely hear him (especially since the guy next to me was singing at the top of his lungs!!). While that’s fun and all, I was a little disappointed because I came to hear him sing, not everyone else.

In total, he probably sang over 20 songs, which is pretty impressive. Although I enjoyed being able to hear so many songs, I really wish he had taken some time to talk to us as well. I felt like I was just listening to a CD.

Another thing that annoyed me about Tim McGraw was his cockiness. He would just throw his arms out to the sides and stand there expecting everyone to cheer for him. Once or twice would be fine, especially when he first got out there and when he left the stage, but he did it multiple times throughout the show. Yes, he’s a great singer (and not too bad to look at), but really he should take a lesson from Luke and be a little more thankful that we were there paying to see him. I don’t think I will be going to another Tim McGraw concert simply because of his cockiness.

Luke is actually playing at our county fair next week, but we won’t be able to go see him ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Oh well! I can still drool over him in videos like this one. (for some reason it won’t let me add it to the post…anyone know how to fix that?)

Go to about minute 3 and you’ll get to hear his sweet southern drawl and see his rugged good looks ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s the best concert you’ve been to?


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  1. Swoon…. Ahhh, Luke Bryan. He is such a cutie! I totally would have stole his hat or something sill like that to say ‘I like you’…. Crazy how it is in 4th grade. In my class last year it seemed that ‘I think you’re silly’ meant ‘ I like you’ HA!
    You are a lucky duck to get to go to that! I LOVE all of those artists so much, that must have rocked. I have to admit that the whole cockiness would have totally put me off as well! Nothing gets to me more than cockiness…. ugh…. Maybe he’s so gosh darn cocky because of his beautiful wife, he can be cocky about that. He landed a great girl!
    Glad that you had such a great time! Thanks for sharing!


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