Back to school!

Today was my honey’s first day back to school! Since I prepped so much this weekend, I was able to pack his lunch in a jiffy this morning.

Yes, I do pack his lunch. If I didn’t, who knows what he would eat in the school cafeteria!! He knows how to pack his own lunch, but he has gotten too lazy (read: I’ve done it for him for the past two years now); he used to pack his own when he was student teaching in college. I can only dream of the day that I don’t need to pack for him every day!

I got to eat in the dining hall again today…along with over 200 RAs, over 200 orientation guides, a million football, field hockey, volleyball, and other sports players, and the entire marching band!!! It took us almost 20 minutes just to find a place to sit down!!

This is what it looked like when I got home from work today! A slight breeze and mid 70’s weather, what else can you do but run?! I set out to run 3 miles even though my thighs were still killing me from my 99 workout on Saturday. It was too nice not to enjoy it and the freshmen move in tomorrow meaning I need to be at work super early, so no time for a workout in the morning.

Although it really wasn’t too hot and I knew I wouldn’t sweat too much, I couldn’t help but try out my new Bondi Band!

My honey is not very good at taking my picture when he is trying to eat...this was like the 10th picture he took to get it right! And yes mom, I know I need to wear mascara! 🙂

I won it from Heather at Get Healthy with Heather a few weeks ago and this was my first time being able to try it out on a run. It was really awesome! It didn’t move at all and kept what little sweat I had going on from getting in my eyes. The funny thing about it is that I actually wouldn’t run for beer. But I do love pink, so it’s a winner in my book!

Even though my run was interrupted twice by my pup (I run out and back for a mile and when I came back by my house, he ran after me because my honey wasn’t holding onto him! He just wanted to run with mama and daddy couldn’t stop him!!), I still managed to do it at a great pace!

For not having run that far in quite some time, I felt surprisingly strong and fast. I think all of the leg training I’ve been doing (lots of plyo lunges and squats) really helps me to run faster and easier. I just might try running again a few times this week and try to up my distance! We’ll see how ambitious I get 🙂

How was your Monday?


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  1. Great work, especially with the pup! …School inservice it was for me today. No fun but oh well, it has to be done…. The fun will be when the kids get here!!! 🙂

  2. This is my last week over summer so I’m savoring it while I can!

    Your ring is gorgeous! 🙂

  3. Nothing like running!! I have a Garmin too, love that thing!

  4. You look lovely with no mascara — and no one would expect you to wear it while exercising. I like the start of a new school year — kind like a fresh start in lots of ways. Have a great year!

  5. Umm your ring is amazing!!!

  6. Beautiful scenery for a run! You are so lucky to have that view!! I am asking for a garmin for my birthday! I had one for several years but time took it’s toll on it!
    Your ring is VERY pretty! 🙂

  7. You are adorable! And ha! My sister’s are always telling me to wear mascara too.


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