All about our pup

Happy half-birthday to our pup, Titan!!

In my past life, I never would have thought to even remember such a date, but now that my honey and I have a pup of our own, it is something I want to acknowledge. It really is like having a child. I’m excited to celebrate (and by celebrate, I mean just post about it!) that my puppy is now 6 months old. Really, I just wanted to share pictures of how cute he is with you all 🙂

Too funny not to share!

His first trip to PetSmart!

My honey and I had talked about getting a black Great Dane for over four years before we were finally at a place in life that we could do it. Not only did we know that we wanted a black male puppy, we had already picked out his name 🙂 We did a lot of searching online for reputable breeders and pups that fit the bill, and we finally found Titan. It only took us about a week in between finally deciding it was time and when we picked him up.

He was 11 weeks old and only 30 pounds when we got him. We drove 7 hours down to South Carolina to pick him up! This was the first time in my life that I had ever had a true puppy. I rode all the way home in the back seat with him. He did so well (except when we stopped to eat and had to leave him in the car alone 😦 We checked on him a lot though!) and we were so surprised by his calm demeanor. Once we finally got him home, we realized that we didn’t actually have much in the way of a bed or a house for our puppy yet. It would be like new parents not having a crib!! What were we going to do and where the hell were we going to put him?! We had to think about all of this at about one o’clock in the morning as we tried to calm him down enough so he would sleep.

At 1 in the morning letting Titan get acclimated to our house a bit.

We settled on our futon mattress since we didn’t really use the futon any more. We got Titan to finally sleep for a few hours in our bedroom on the mattress. The next day, my honey set out to find him a house. We knew it would have to be big since he was going to be huge one day! Luckily, we live on a farm and have an abundance of random things, such as a calf nursery.

Titan's house sits underneath our basement stairs and we've replaced the wood 'door' with a metal one.

This was probably the most perfect thing we could have found! It’s big enough that he shouldn’t outgrow it, and it is fairly easy to move (to clean up the messes he still makes…).

Once we found the house and his bed (which actually stays upstairs underneath the first floor steps), we had to figure out what type of food to feed him. I of course wanted to give him the best food we could, not the junky ‘cheap’ brands he was used to eating. I wanted natural and healthy! Luckily, my honey agrees! The only problem is the price tag. He eats nearly 10 cups of food a day, so we go through it pretty quickly! We have tried a few, but have settled on Nutro Natural Choice for right now. It really makes his coat shiny and he seems to digest it well. Does anyone know of other good natural brands??

Although I never would have considered myself an animal lover before, I have fallen in love with Titan! He is definitely a part of our family and adds a lot to our life! Which really, he better add a lot to our life because he sure has taken away a lot of our time!!! My whole morning routine is different because I have to take him outside, feed him, take him outside again and then hope and pray he’ll go right back into his house so I can go shower! Most of the time though, I end up chasing him around the yard at 5:30am in my PJs because he thinks it’s a fun game! My morning workouts have fallen by the wayside for the past 3 months…Some days I wonder why we got a puppy, but all in all, I wouldn’t trade him for the world!

We’ve taken Titan on a few different hikes (including the one where he ate my sock!) and we’ve taken him swimming in our creek a few times. He really loves being outside, but only for a little while. He seems to like his bed just a little bit more…

especially when daddy is there with him! Seriously, I have at least 30 pictures of the two of them laying together on the bed.

I could go on and on about our sweet pup! How docile he is, how loving he is, or how I just heard him bark for the first time last night- crazy, right?!?! But what I really want to do is a little comparison.

Titan at 3 months….

Titan at 6 months!!

Titan at 3 months…

Titan at 6 months!!! Crazy, right?!

He’s still got a long way to grow…he’s probably around 80lbs now, but will grow to be about 150lbs! It’s been amazing to watch him grow the past 3 months and I feel like a mother when I say things like “I wish he would just stay little…he’s growing sooo fast!”

Do you have a dog? Tell me about him/her! And what do you feed him/her?


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  1. He is sooooo cute!!! I absolutely love great danes! My brother and sister in law got a golden retriever puppy a few weeks ago and I can’t believe how big she is already! I can’t even imagine her at 6 months! (she’s about 11 weeks right now)

  2. He is so cute & I bet he is so sweet! I always grew up with big dogs (we had boxers, so not quite as big as Titan), but now I have a little black pug (better for an apartment!). My husband loves big dogs (I’ll def be showing him these pics later!) so I know once we get a house, our little pug will have a bigger companion!

    When I read that you feed him 10 cups a day I literally said “Oh my God” aloud! Our pug gets about 1-1/2 cups & sometimes doesn’t even eat that if he’s not in the mood! haha We feed him Purina ProPlan! 🙂

  3. Titan is SUPER SUPER adorable! His coat looks so healthy and velvety – like Black Beauty! Makes me want to get a puppy….almost!

  4. SO SO SSOSO CUTE!! I love puppy posts 🙂

  5. I think I would fall in love with him too! (even though I am a complete animal lover to begin with)….He has grown oh so much!!! Added quite a bit of crazyness to your life, in a good way!!!

  6. Wow, he has grown so much in 3 months! Super cute too. Love the sleeping pics that is hysterical.
    We have a yorkie, Bear, he is much smaller than your Titan. He is weighing in at 7 lbs and is 7 years old. He is awesome with my kiddos too and they LOVE him.
    Have a nice weekend! 🙂

  7. You have such a gorgeous dog! I have always wanted a great dane!

    I currently have 2 dogs. One is a German Shep/Lab mix that we rescued, the other is a black lab mix. Both males and both awesome, despite certain aggression/anger issues that our rescue has.

  8. I have 2 dogs but they live with my parents. I was so sad to leave them when I moved out 2 years ago. One is a doberman who is about 10 years and practically blind. She still runs around though like she can see perfectly, until she runs into something! So funny…but also very sad! The next is a doberman mix who is my baby girl! I love that Lexi…I still visit with her at least once a week but it’s so sad not to be with her everyday. I wish we could have a dog where we live but it’s just too small. : (

    We feed our dogs Wellness brand dry and Primal wet patties. Wellness brand has a wheat free line called “Core” our girl love it.

  9. Titan is precious. I love great danes and I know Koda would love to play with him 🙂 What a good lookin’ pup!


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