Day off

While I was in the shower yesterday, I decided that I needed a day off. I have been going nonstop since the beginning of August and just haven’t felt like I’ve had a break. Even though I had the house to myself Tuesday and Wednesday evening, I still wasn’t able to get all the things on my list done. Thus, I needed a whole day in the house by myself in order to check those things off!

So when I got into work yesterday, I called my boss and told her of my need for a day. She totally understood because she’s been going nonstop right along with me all month.

Yay! Now I’ve got a 3 day weekend! It would be nice if it were a 4 day weekend, but alas, I must continue to labor on Labor Day.

So, what is the first thing most people do on their day off? Sleep in.

Not this girl!


I woke up to flashes of lightning and the crack of thunder around 4:15am. Immediately I put my sleeping mask on in hopes of falling back asleep because it looked like there was a strobe light on outside our bedroom windows. However, no dice. I tossed and turned and then the rain came. It rained harder than I have ever heard it rain before! I was too lazy to get up out of bed to check it out though. Again, I tossed and turned and couldn’t quite fall back asleep.

I finally got up at 5:45am (which actually is sleeping in for me!) to let the dog out. It was still sprinkling and definitely still lightning and thundering. My poor pup was scared! He actually growled at the lightning one time. Yeah, like that’s going to make it go away, Titan!

I then made my honey breakfast. On my day off, why did I do this? Because I’m an awesome wife. I also packed his lunch…who knows what he would have eaten at school! I sent my honey out the door with a kiss and the dog was put back in his house, so I took me a nap. I didn’t quite fall back asleep, but it felt good to just lay down for another hour or so.

My list had grown over the week of things that I needed to do, so I set out about checking things off that list.

I found an awesome app earlier in the week for my Mac called Wunderlist. What’s nice is it also has a web app so I can also use it from work and it will sync automatically. It’s a place for me to keep my to-do lists and I can easily organize them into different categories, like work and home.


This thing is amazing! Once you check a task off, it will move to the bottom and have a big line through it. That way you can see what all you’ve accomplished for the day. I used to keep to-do lists in Evernote. While I absolutely love Evernote for being able to keep track of recipes and to keep a daily food journal, it isn’t the greatest for lists. I highly recommend both apps if you have a Mac or a smartphone.

Anyways, let’s review what I’ve gotten done today:

  • 3 loads of laundry
  • 1 load of dishes
  • Made dishwasher detergent
  • Shaved my legs (this was quite an accomplishment seeing as how it had been at least a week…)
  • Plucked my eyebrows (who knows when the last time that happened!)
  • Took the nail polish off my toenails
  • Peeled and sliced peaches for smoothies, oatmeal and cobblers 🙂
  • Made Larabars
  • Ate lots of granola bars
  • Took Titan to the vet- he weighs 75lbs which is less than we thought!
  • Made a list of meals I can make with ingredients I have on hand
  • Made a workout plan for the weekend
  • Did an Insanity cardio workout- it was insane and I’ll be feeling it tomorrow
  • Did some e-mails
  • Read some blogs
  • Posted about my day

I would say I was quite productive today! I still have things on my list, but I’ll have time this weekend to do them.

Now, I’m heading to the county fair! My honey is working in the Ruritan stand selling less than healthy food. It is pretty spectacular tasting and the fries are from potatoes grown in our town, but this gal is eating some Cheesy Mexican Rice Casserole at home beforehand.

I might cave in and get some of the ice cream they have there though… 🙂

Do you have a county fair where you live? 


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A 20-something farmer's wife who has finally learned to eat healthy, be happy and live well!

6 responses »

  1. sounds like my kind of day! I love days where I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot!

  2. Man! You are one driven lady on your days off! I don’t really have days off – but if I did, I’d sleep until noon, exercise and then spend the day reading or watching trashy tv.

  3. You make your own dishwasher detergent??? Can I put in a request for the recipe? 🙂

    Sounds like such a nice and productive day. Atta girl!

    Hope the fair is fun. There’s nothing like the buzz of the crowds at a fair.

  4. We have all sorts of fairs/festivals around where I live.

    My parents are actually going to the “Hamburger Festival” (takes place in a town named “Hamburg,” go figure!) tomorrow & invited me, but I had to pass.

    Hope you have a relaxing & productive weekend!


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