Another day on the river

Yesterday was gorgeous! After a really rainy week, I was surprised to see the sun out all weekend. We took advantage of the sun and went back out on the boat again! We are so thankful to have been asked out again because it was the perfect way to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

This time, we were joined by my honey’s youngest cousin. Her dad is the one who owns the boat and this was her first time out on it. She brought a friend along and they both tried wakeboarding and were actually pretty successful. I have to give it to them because they kept on trying even though they had a hard time at first.

We were out on the Shenandoah River, which is nestled in the mountains and surrounded by farm land. You can’t see them here, but at some points on the river there are cows that watch as you speed by. They are usually cooling off in the water right on the bank.

My honey…so handsome 🙂

First up to ski was my honey’s uncle. He has been skiing for a very long time and does a type of skiing called slalom. He was practically laying down on the water at some points. It was incredible to watch him swing from one side of the boat to the other.

Next up was my honey. He got out and wakeboarded several different times. I haven’t asked him yet today how sore he is, but I can only imagine! He took a few faceplants into the water and fell a few other ways too. For only his second time ever trying wakeboarding, I’d say he did awesome!

These pictures are actually from the last time he went out. The sun was at just the right angle to light up the shot, plus he was much more comfortable on the water and tried his hand at a few jumps. When we got home, we watched a video of some professional wakeboarders and realized his jumps were more like small hops than actual jumps. He’s got a long way to go, but he still did excellent!

I skied once and was so proud of myself for getting up on the very first try! I skied for a few minutes down the river, but my lower back started bothering me so I decided to cut it short. I don’t think I was using proper form and had a hard time adjusting to get comfortable once I got up there. Next time I know I’ll be even better because it definitely felt easier this time around.

I made my honey get lots of pictures and even a video (I’ll spare you that one…)

I can’t emphasize enough how beautiful of a day it was! Even when someone was behind the boat, I would just sort of look around in awe and wonder at the gorgeous view of the mountains and the surrounding area. I truly took time to appreciate the experience and tried living in the moment (basically not think about anything else…especially work!). It was awesome!

However, the two young ladies with us (aged 16) were glued to their damn cell phones the entire time.

What is wrong with this generation of kids? <– Yep, I’m officially an old woman 🙂

Are you attached to your phone like the girls were? Or can you unplug for stuff like this?


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  1. Beautiful pictures! It looks like you had a great day!

  2. Generally, I’m attached to my phone. But out on a boat??? Leave it in your bag and enjoy the beauty!

  3. Totally unplug. From cellphones that is….. However I am having the darndest time unplugging from work! Ugh! I need to work on that one…. I do agree that there is a total generational gap. I am officially ‘old’ (and I’m not even 25 yet!)
    What a beautiful view you had, I love how you appreciate the beauty that is all around you! (it lets me see some amazing pictures!) …..Way to ski! 🙂 I’ve never tried.

  4. Awesome pictures, again!! Nice job on the skiing too. 🙂
    As for the cell phone, I pull it out to take pictures of the kids sometimes but then put it away. I don’t like to text when we are out, especially at the beach or something like that for family day!
    Love, love, love all your pics. I am so looking forward to some fall pics from you!! I bet it is spectacular!

  5. My cousins (two of which are 30 – one has a 2 year old, and the third is 26) have their stupid phones perpetually attached to their hands. Always playing some games…. at holidays, family functions…it’s awful. Kinda sad… is angry birds or facebook realllllly more fun than actually living a life? I guess I’m old too.

  6. I can easily unplug…. I do, however, have friends that cannot LIVE without their cell phone. I think they are afraid they will miss something going on somewhere else — when they are actually missing the ‘here and now.” It’s not just the kids…..

  7. I love to unplug. I barely use my cell as it is! haha.


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