Stomp and Strut

No, I’m not going to teach you a new dance. However, there was a lot of dancing going on Saturday night, but not by me and my honey. He wasn’t “feeling” the dancing for some reason!

Warning: horribly grainy pictures ahead! I still have not gotten a new battery for my camera so I had to use my old Kodak point and shoot. It reminded me why I got my Nikon!!!

Saturday night we went to an event called the Stomp and Strut. This is the second time we’ve been to this event (the last time was 4 years ago!!) and I absolutely love it! Fun fact about me: I LOVE jazz and ragtime music from back in the day! There were four different bands that rotated throughout the evening. Tuba Skinny was my favorite! I could have just sat and listened all night!

Instead, we took a tour of the property. This house was HUGE! Too bad it got too dark to take any good pictures of the outside. But don’t worry, I got plenty of the inside…of one room in particular: The Game Room.

Not your typical games….instead it was a taxidermist’s heaven. Apparently the people who owned the place way back in the day were into hunting. There were so many different animals, I couldn’t name them all! I did know that this was a moose though, but I’m not sure who his bearded friend is.

Then there was a rhinoceros. This is the closest I will ever get to one of those things…

Although this boar is super creepy, it was really cool to see the date on it: February 15, 1905.

I love this picture! This lion used to have a full mane, but over time it has fallen out.

Not too sure who these guys are…

The zebra was so beautiful! It makes me want to see one up close. I either need to go to the zoo or go on an African safari.

And finally, the giraffe I posted yesterday. I’m not sure why my honey looks so surprised. What an awful picture of us….we don’t get many pics together anymore though, so I’ll just be happy to have a new one!

Do you like jazz and ragtime music? Do you know the names of any of these animals?? 


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  1. I’ll go on the African safari with you!!! 🙂 You’re right the zebra is beautiful!
    Remind the honey to bring his dancing boots next time. My husband goes through those times where I’m super pumped to dance and he just ‘isn’t into it’… Haha….. I love all music! ALL of it 🙂 Especially if it is live!

  2. hah awww..animal heads! eeps!

  3. haha wow ..that’s a lot of animal heads……

  4. What a fun night!! You look beautiful in that dress too!!


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