Road Trip!

My honey and I are heading out this afternoon on a little road trip. We’re going to Tappahannock, which is on the Chesapeake Bay. My honey has plans to wakeboard there, but it is actually quite chilly, so we’ll see if he toughs it out!!

I’m excited for the road trip because I will finally be able to catch up on some reading I’ve been meaning to do. I come across so many awesome blog posts, but can never find the time to read all of them.

Enter: Evernote.

If you haven’t heard of Evernote before, go check it out! It’s a way to keep notes and save websites and blog posts all in one location- offline.

I’ve used it since January and have kept track of the recipes I make, I start blog posts on it, I keep a food diary there, and lots of other stuff.

For this trip, I decided to save some blog posts through the Evernote app on Google Chrome. It allows me to save a post (or any web material) with just a few clicks and without having to copy and paste. I currently have over 20 things saved to read on the trip! I’ll fill you in how they all are when I get back!

I’m also excited for this trip because I’ll actually be able to take pictures!!! I captured this sunrise this morning at breakfast. So happy to have my camera back 🙂

I’m not excited about the trip because it means we have to leave our pup. My in-laws live up the road though and will be taking care of him for us (thanks!!). Hopefully he won’t be too mad at us for leaving him 😦

I’m also not excited about the trip because I’m not sure what food will be available. I’m packing baggies of oatmeal with flax seed, walnuts and cinnamon that just need hot water. I’m also packing my granola bars and some green smoothies in 1/2 pint mason jars (my new fave way to drink smoothies!). I really hope there will be some good gluten-free options for me, but I’m going to try to be as prepared as possible.

I’ll share pics when I get back sometime on Sunday! Have a great weekend everyone!!


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  1. It pays to be prepared! I always have that same anxiety about the gluten free stuff. It takes a lot of the fun out of anticipating a trip. I think preparation goes a long way to reducing that anxiety.

    Hope you guys have such fun!! And just think how happy Titan will be to see you guys when you get back. 🙂

  2. YAY! Have a wonderful road trip! (and thanks for sharing the info on evernote. THAT sounds awesome!) —Good thing for us you have your camera back! Now WE can see your awesome sunsets too!

  3. My senior year of college my friends and I all went to FL for spring break. One girl had celiac and she had to pack a cooler and two grocery bags full of gluten-free food! This was when gluten free was just becoming better known, so she wouldn’t have found much at grocery stores!

    Have a great time on your trip!!

  4. beautiful picture!! and I know that is one thing that I would struggle with whenever I get a dog, is having to leave it!

  5. Have a great time! Hope you honey gets in a bit of wake boarding!

    The last timw we went out of town our “Bear Bear” stayed with Nana, when she returned him to us 4 weeks later, he was spoiled rotten and gained about 3 lbs, which is a lot for him becuase he is a yorki!

    He loved every single minute with his Nana and I think he had withdrawls from Nana when he came back home. 🙂


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