Things from the weekend

I’m exhausted from this weekend and unfortunately, it isn’t over! I have to go into work tonight for an event that I coordinate and I probably won’t be home until nearly 10pm. I’m currently working out, so I am writing this during my rest periods because it’s the only way to fit it all in!!

Instead of recapping everything we’ve done this weekend, I figured I’d just break this into two different sections: things that DIDN’T happen and things that DID. Enjoy!

Things that DIDN’T happen this weekend:

  • remembering to pack my swim suit for a trip to the river
  • a boat ride on the water
  • wakeboarding
  • wearing shorts
  • reading blogs
  • sleep
  • working out on Saturday
  • healthy eating
  • sunshine
  • church
Things that DID happen this weekend:
  • freezing my butt off in bed on Friday night
  • sleeping in a bunk bed
  • drinking (a glass Friday night, a Bellini at 10:30am, then wine-tasting at 11am on Saturday at the Farmer’s Market)
  • wearing jeans and a hoodie
  • touring a mansion that had an elevator in it
  • eating kettle corn until I was sick and felt like garbage
  • driving, LOTS of driving
  • attending my honey’s 10 year high school reunion
  • taking pictures with my Nikon!
  • cleaning the bathroom (finally!)
  • laundry
  • napping (my honey and my pup, but not me)
A few pictures from our trip:
What are some things that did or didn’t happen for you this weekend?


About eat healthy. be happy. live well.

A 20-something farmer's wife who has finally learned to eat healthy, be happy and live well!

4 responses »

  1. What a wonderful weekend! —I’m a big fan of the wine tasting and the kettle corn!!
    -What did happen, time with the hubby. What didn’t happen- blogging. Oops!

  2. Sounds like a huge vacation from your normal life of clean eating and exercise – which is what our bodies need sometimes!!

  3. Love the farmers market, it is so awesome to have acess to that. Ours are just starting to come to life.
    The lake pics are so pretty, it looks chilly too with the cloud coverage and the way the wind is blowing the seashell hanging thing, what is that called??

    Booooo for no wake boarding! The seasons are a changin!!!

  4. Wow your weekend looked amazing!

    I blogged about my weekend. I got to paddle in the ocean even though it’s still coming out of winter here. I got to spend the weekend with my gorgeous husband. And I got to take a break for awhile. It was awesome.


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