Workout Wednesday- Hallway edition

As I’ve mentioned before, my puppy has taken away my exercise time in the mornings. He lives in the basement where my workout space is and is not happy when I don’t include him in everything that I’m doing. Because it is impossible to workout with him trying to be so close to me or whining in his house, I have just stopped working out in the mornings. And I don’t like it!

Sure, I start my day with about 5 minutes of yoga stretches, but that’s just not enough to keep me fit.

So, in my infinite wisdom (and with a little resentment for the dog), I have decided to change up my morning plans in order to fit in some sort of workout.

Enter: my carpeted hallway.

Sure it’s not very big, but it’s the only space I have to workout in the mornings. Our entire house has hardwood floors and I can’t exactly jump around on it, nor can I lay comfortably to do abs exercises. Our bedroom has carpet, but my honey sleeps much later than I do and I don’t want to wake him up (okay, so part of me really does want to wake him up, but I’m too nice :)).

So here’s my plan: find exercises I can do in this small space and make short 10-15 minute workouts that will be effective.

Luckily, I have compiled a really extensive list of exercises for all body parts on Evernote (which I talked about on this post). I am going to take a gander at these again and put a few together to make complete workouts.

I’m going to move some of my weights and resistance bands from my gym in the basement to the hallway closet upstairs so I can easily access them in the morning, but I am going to focus on body weight only moves for the most part.

After I let the dog out to do his business, I will put him back in his house and come upstairs to do my workout. Depending on how long he takes, I might get a 5 minute workout or a 15 minute workout.

Here’s tomorrow morning’s workout:

  • Regular squats- 20 reps
  • Jumping jacks- 50 reps
  • Narrow squats- 20 reps
  • High knees- 50 reps
  • Plie (wide stance) squats- 20 reps
  • Side to side jump- 50 reps
  • Forward lunge- 10 each leg
  • Mountain climbers- 50 reps
  • Backward lunge- 10 each leg
  • Cross country skiier- 50 reps
  • Calf raises- 20 reps
  • Wall squat- 60 sec

I have no idea how long this will take me, so I might be able to do it twice through. We’ll see! I’ll let you know tomorrow how it went!

I’m off to do an upper body circuit while my chili is simmering. I’m using fresh tomatoes from a friend’s garden and am excited to see how it turns out 🙂

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  1. I’m guessing that it will be one complete workout! And a GREAT one at that! …Mountain climbers get me EVERY time!!! It amazes me at what a full body workout those can give a person!

  2. oh geez, if it were me in that hallway I’d have a lot of bruises by the end! I’m very uncoordinated…

  3. Your work out looks good! I need to get back to my weights! Yumm, I love the smell of chili simmering on the stove top.

  4. Good for you for working with what you’ve got! Our puppies are the SAME way.

  5. Gotta do what you gotta do!! I’d want to wake Honey up too and have him workout right beside me! Might not be enough room though. 😉

  6. That is an awesome workout!! I have done ones like this in the hallway of my dorm room at school! haha

  7. Like my sister (apparently does), I need a way to get back into my working out routines. So I did a single pass through of this workout over my lunch break today and it definitely gets you sweating. Great way to get in a quick ten minute session to break up the tedium of sitting at my desk.


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