Health Screening and a trip to Minnesota!

I’m very excited to report that my hallway workout was awesome this morning! It was exactly what I needed to get back on track with my workouts.

It took me about 8 minutes to complete the moves one time through at a decent pace. I didn’t have much time left before I had to shower, so I did it a second time and just did half the reps. However, I only did the wall squat once at the end. In total, it took me less than 15 minutes and I promise you I was sweating!

Want proof? The thermostat is on the wall in the hallway and when I started the workout, it said 73, but when I finished, it said 74. I guess my body heat warmed up the entire hallway, and it proves that I was definitely sweating! This morning gave me hope that I can continue with these mini workouts and still get results in the small space.

Tomorrow’s workout won’t be in the hallway though. I am going into work late, so I’ll have plenty of time to fit in a normal workout before I leave. I’m also leaving work early (working an odd half day: 11am-3pm). I’m meeting my mom in Charlottesville around 4pm to do some shopping, eat at Whole Foods, and stop by to visit Kath at her bakery.

THEN: we’re flying to Minnesota!!!!

Okay, so we’re really flying to Charlotte, NC first, then to MN (arriving at midnight!!! Thanks dad for booking the flight!). My older brother and his wife have asked my little brother and I to be Godparents of our adorable niece, and this Sunday is her baptism. The whole fam is headed up there and I’m so excited to see everyone again. The only sad thing is that my honey can’t go with me 😦 Trust me, he is much sadder than I am because he’s not going to have someone to cook for him! But someone’s gotta stay at home and watch our puppy! That, and he has to take some recertification classes for his teaching license.

I’m also excited about this weekend because I get to travel with my mama! We’ve been on many many trips together (including a cruise, and a trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto) and we always have such a great time. She is moving to South Carolina in a matter of months and although I’ve known that it was coming for a year and a half, it still makes me sad! She’ll be over 6 hours away from me, and in thinking about it recently, I realized I have never lived more than a 3 hour drive away from her. My dad got a job down in the Charlotte area and they have started building a house (with a pool!!! That will definitely make the 6 hour drive worth it :)), but they have yet to sell their house (if you know of anyone looking for a house in central VA, let me know!!!), so the move has been put off for awhile. This weekend will be nice to hang out with her a little bit more before she actually moves away.

I can’t wait to fill you all in on the weekend and share TONS of pics of my adorable niece! Oh, what’s that you say? You want to see a picture now? Okay, you talked me into it! 😉

Thanks for letting me share 🙂

In other news, I got a health screening at work on Tuesday. Every two years, our healthcare people come to campus and offer free screenings. They took my blood pressure, pricked my finger (which hurt!) to check my cholesterol, weighed me and measured my height, and did a diabetes risk assessment.

I knew that the tests would come back saying I was healthy, but I wanted to know my cholesterol, so I signed up for a time slot today.

Rewind a few years back to when I was in college: this gal had high cholesterol! We’re talking 225…not good for a 19 year old. My parents have high cholesterol as does my grandmother; therefore, I used that as an excuse and said I was destined to have high cholesterol. I was told by my doctor to stop eating eggs and cut back on other animal products, plus to exercise more. I ate Egg Beaters instead of real eggs, stopped eating hot dogs (I know, I know! Blech!!!! It almost makes me sick to think about how many hot dogs I’ve consumed in my lifetime…), and worked out more. My cholesterol got down to 200 a few months later. Clearly things were working.

As I’ve mentioned before, I significantly changed my eating habits when I met my honey five years ago. I got my cholesterol checked not too long after we started dating to find that it went down a little more and was around 185 or so. That’s a pretty good number considering where I started, but it could be lower. I kept at the exercising and eating a little bit better, but I still ate lots of processed junk: frozen dinners, boxed baked goods, and french fries to name a few.

Then, I had it checked again two years ago here at work. It was 175. Again, a really great number! My hard work of exercising and staying away from eggs and some animal meat must really have been working.

However, let’s take a look at what has happened in the past two years since that last check.

  • I have upped my consumption of eggs to several times a week (especially farm fresh ones from here in my town)
  • eaten more meat than I’ve ever eaten before
  • started drinking whole raw milk and cream

Looks like the odds would be stacked against me when I got my cholesterol checked, right?

WRONG! 129 baby! Hmmm…very interesting…

My cholesterol has plummeted in the past two years, and I attribute it to the fact that I was feeding my body real foods. Yes, I added all of those food sources of cholesterol to my diet, but I also took away all of the nasty processed junk.

As I mentioned in my post about eating more fats, research studies have shown a link between polyunsaturated fats (think processed foods) and high cholesterol. (Again, I would do a horrible job explaining all about it, so check out the book Real Food by Nina Planck for more details.)

I truly think the fact that I stopped eating the junk foods really helped to lower my cholesterol so significantly. And apparently all of that dietary cholesterol didn’t affect me much….just another reason to get rid of the boxed and processed foods and to start eating the real stuff!!

Have you had your cholesterol checked recently? 


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  1. I can’t believe you’re meeting Kath! That is sooooo cool! 🙂 LOVE her! …. Have fun and enjoy the time with your mama! 🙂 That is awesome!
    Oddly enough, I’ve never had my cholesterol checked. eek, maybe I should jump on that! Glad yours is down, that is pretty interesting

  2. Tell your family I said hello! I enjoy your blog! Keep it up!

  3. Awesome job on the cholesterol!!! Does Kath know you’re coming??

  4. save travels!!

    and so cool about your results, we have high cholesterol, it runs in our family. I am not worried about it though, because like you I eat real food.

  5. WOW! Great news on you cholesterol numbers, there’s the proof righ there. Cut the crap out and our bodies will respond so well!!

    Your niece is adorable, have a great time at her baptism, what a very special day!

  6. I’m 23 and I don’t think i’ve ever had it checked! I did get a blood test done in March, so they may have seen it there. If they did apparently it wasn’t anything bad! And that’s so great that your cholesterol went down so much, it’s amazing what natural food can do for you! Haha and I had a hotdog at a baseball game since I’d never had a Chicago Vienna Hotdog, it was delicious but I really had to push the thoughts out of my mind of what was in there…


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