Change of plans…

I hate when my plans change. I pretty much start every day by making a plan in my head for everything I need to do and the order I need to do it in. I like to stick to the plan and only stray from it if absolutely necessary.

I also hate doing the wrong thing or being wrong in general. I like to do the right thing; therefore, I make every effort to do whatever is right for the situation. I don’t like to mess up (I sort of am a perfectionist, but only in some things).

Today, I had to majorly change my plans because I messed up. How did I mess up, you ask?

Oh just a little fender bender less than five miles from my house….I’m totally fine, just a bit sore. Thankfully no other cars were involved and I was able to drive my car away from the wreck. There is definitely some damage, but I won’t know how much until my honey and his dad can take a look at it.

I totally freaked out throughout all of it and looked like a crazed hysterical woman after it happened, but the main thing going through my head was how I couldn’t have a broken car because of the plans I had for today. Seriously, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much my plans would have to change now that I wouldn’t be able to take my car to work and then to Charlottesville to meet my mom.

Thankfully, lots of things worked out for me after the fact and so many people were around to help me. A man just happened to be driving by seconds after it happened, so he took me to a house nearby to make some phone calls (nope, we don’t have cell phone service in our town). I tried calling my honey, but his phone went straight to voicemail because he doesn’t have good service at work. Instead of leaving him a hysterical message (seriously, it was AWFUL!!), I called his dad. He’s super calm in pretty much any situation and I knew he would know what to do, so he just asked the necessary questions and said he’d be on his way — meaning he left work in the middle of teaching to come help me. Talk about a savior! He ended up having to borrow one of his students’ cars because he had taken the tractor trailer to work that day. I’m so thankful for that student!

Next up, I needed to call work to let them know I would be late or might not make it in at all. One problem: the woman didn’t have long distance service on her house phone. So I called my grandma-in-law and told her what happened and thankfully she called work for me. She and her daughter jumped in the car and came to meet me because they would get there before my father-in-law, plus they knew I would need a hug and mothers give the best hugs, even if they aren’t your own mother.

I still hadn’t heard back from my honey, so my father-in-law called my mom (she’s long distance too) and had her call my honey’s school. I finally talked to him almost an hour after everything happened. I was safe and sound at home by then and just needed to rework my plan for the day. Luckily, my little brother’s car has been at my parents house, so my mom said I could use it until mine got fixed — I just needed to get to my parents’ house.

My aunt-in-law ended up being able to take me to meet my mom halfway, so my mom and I drove back to her house and picked up my brother’s car. We took it easy today and didn’t get to do the shopping we had planned on and definitely didn’t get to stop by to see Kath (who said she wouldn’t have been there anyway). Oh well, at least I’m okay, right? At least I think I’m okay… 🙂

I’m so thankful because the damage to my car and to me could have been so much worse! I’m also so thankful for all of the wonderful people who helped me out today. I felt so bad inconveniencing so many people!!!! But, most were family, and if there’s anything I’ve learned about family, it’s that they are always willing to lend a helping hand!

We are currently in the Charlottesville airport waiting for our flight to Minnesota. I’ve had a lot of time to think about the incident from this morning and I have come to a few conclusions that I hope to share this weekend. I just need some time to get my thoughts together.

Please send good thoughts my way as we fly halfway across the country!!! 


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A 20-something farmer's wife who has finally learned to eat healthy, be happy and live well!

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  1. I’m sending all the good thoughts I can muster for you! What a stressful and trying day for you! But what an excellent network of family you have.

  2. Wow!! Glad you’re ok! Praying for comfort!!

  3. Total bummer but I’m glad you’re okay and that everything worked out to help you, even the little things! Safe travels!!!

  4. Oh no! I’m glad you’re ok; hope the trip goes smoothly!

  5. I am so glad that you are OK and having a great time with your family. : )


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