Up in the air

My entire family had quite the adventure flying yesterday. We were all flying into the Minneapolis airport coming from all over the east coast. Check out a recap of our evening.

Flying status of my family Friday night.

My little brother: leaving from NYC. Almost misses his flight due to missing the 4pm shuttle. Worried that he would have buy another ticket to get him there, but just barely makes his original flight.

My older brother: leaving from Orlando. Gets delayed until the storms passed. Makes it to Atlanta where he is delayed overnight. After a week of being away from his wife and little girl, the poor guy didn’t get home until 9:15 this morning.

My dad: leaving from Charlotte, NC. He’s the only one who didn’t have issues. Who knows why he didn’t book himself on our flight so we could all get in together…

My mom and I: Leaving from Charlottesville. Board the plane on time and get out on the runway only to find out that the fueling company filled the wrong tank….there was no fuel in the ‘take off tank’ so it had to be transferred while we waited on the tarmac. Seriously, you’ve got to wonder how they can really screw that up! Flight is delayed nearly an hour. We land in Charlotte with 10 minutes to get across the entire airport. I’m speedwalking my little heart out, but stopped to check the flight info board. Luckily our flight was delayed there too! We made it to the gate with time to spare.

We ended up arriving in MN nearly two hours later than anticipated, then had to wait for my brother and dad to come pick us up. They had already flown in and went back to my brother’s house, but were kind enough to come pick us up at 1am. Then, we got lost on the way back and didn’t get there until 2:30am…I was up for over 22 hours…..add in the ‘incident‘ and a terribly sore neck, plus a night sleeping on a couch, and I’m feeling less than stellar today. However, my brother is cooking and I don’t have to do the dishes all weekend 🙂

We went out today on a lunch cruise on a beautiful lake. I hope to have time to load pictures and recap tonight, but it might have to wait. I’ve already had so much fun spending time with everyone, especially Ally!!!

Expect more where that came from 🙂


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  1. Goodness!! Hope you start feeling better soon – eat lots of yummy food and kiss that sweet baby!!

  2. Wow, glad you are all safe and that all travel plans ended up being okay. Crazy about not fueling the right tank!!! How does that happen?

    Have a fun trip and your little Ally is so adorable! 🙂

  3. A little giggle or a smile from that little one will make your heart overflow! Take care of yourself!!! 🙂

    • It does. There are a few times where she’s inconsolable and you start wondering why people have babies. Then she giggles or smiles and there’s nothing wrong with the world.


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