My Goddaughter’s Baptism

Last Sunday, my family was in Minnesota for the baptism of my niece, and now my Goddaughter, Ally. The church it was in was gorgeous!

My little brother and I were asked to be Godparents and couldn’t be happier doing so for the sweet little girl.

Ally was such a good baby during the whole thing!

My sister-in-law let me hold her up there after she was officially baptized. I thought it was so sweet of her! Later I found out it was because her arms were hurting! 🙂 Mine got pretty tired too.

She eventually fell asleep in my arms. So sweet! I passed her off and she stayed asleep until we left the church.

Most of the family was there for the event. My honey was at home, as was my little brother’s girlfriend, and my sister-in-law’s brother and his wife. But here’s the rest of us!

After the baptism, we all headed back to Nick and Jessi’s place for a cookout. My brother made pulled pork in the crock pot, which was great! It inspired me to make some this weekend and I plan to share the recipe soon!

We all hung out for awhile and played a few yard/tailgate games. One I had never played before was Tailgate Timbers, which is basically an extra large version of Jenga!

I was pretty brave and thought I was going to topple it a few times, but luckily my dad took care of that!

Later on, my little brother and I took on a bunch of different teams in cornhole (or bags as I’ve heard it called recently). We did an awesome job, but could never get 21 points exactly, so we kept having to go back down to 11 points (crazy rules!).

After all the fun and games, we went inside where Ally opened some gifts. My little brother’s gift to her was a onesie that said “My Godfather loves me” with the Godfather logo from the movie. It went really nicely with the patent leather shoes my mom and I picked out for her!

The grandparents!

Before she got changed into the onesie, she had this adorable tutu on 🙂

She just melts my heart!! What a fun weekend it was, even with all of the horrible traveling that happened.

We ended up leaving their house early to get to the airport on time for our flight. On the way there, we check the status on my brother’s iPhone (which really made me want to get one!!!) and learn it had been delayed 30 minutes. Not enough time to turn around or to do anything else, so we kept on our way. Once we got there, it got delayed another half hour. Once we got to the gate, we learned it had been delayed another 30 minutes. We realized then that we might miss our connecting flight to Charlottesville. Then, the flight got delayed again until 8:45pm, three hours after it’s original time!

I talked to the ticket counter and didn’t have too many options. We decided to wait for the flight and make a different flight to Charlottesville the next day at noon. My mom and I were both going to miss quite a bit of work, but we both talked to our bosses and everything was fine (not much anyone could do anyways!).

While I was off finding some healthy vegetable-filled food (more on that in a bit), my mom was on the phone with my dad about trying to get to Charlottesville. A mother/daughter couple overheard her and said they were headed to Charlottesville and had their car at the airport. They offered us a ride!! They weren’t scary and we were so thankful to have found a ride, even though it was going to be over 2 hours in the middle of the night with strangers. Once we landed and were on our way to their car, my mom says to them “I know it’s a bit late to ask, but you all aren’t axe murders or anything are you?” Haha!! They laughed and said they wondered if we’d even say yes figuring that we might think they were weird. It turned out to be perfect and they were such wonderful people.

We got into our hotel at 3:15am and immediately went to bed. We didn’t get too much sleep, but at least we got to go to work a little earlier than if we had waited for the flight from Dulles to Charlottesville. It was the beginning of an incredibly long day and week. I made it through the week and finally had some time at home this weekend.

Yesterday and Friday were perfect fall days and I so greatly enjoyed being inside the house getting stuff done and cooking and baking (like my Vanilla Cashew Butter Cookies!) and the pulled pork I mentioned. I’m hoping for an excellent week of wonderful fall weather! We’ve had to turn on the heat and I’m about to put on the flannel sheets, but I’m afraid it is going to get hot again! We’ll see!

Now, about that healthy airport food! There was a place called French Meadow Bakery that had a bar and a sit down restaurant to it. Plus the little deli/bakery area. They specialized in organic and natural foods. It was such a relief to find it! I ordered the vegan black bean chili that came with brown rice and steamed kale. Can you get any healthier at an airport?!? It was awesome! I ended up with some leftovers that I took for lunch the next day at work too. If you ever see a French Meadow Bakery at the airport, I highly recommend eating there!!

What’s your favorite tailgate/yard game? Have you found healthy food at an airport? 


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  1. Wonderful! I’m so glad you had a weekend filled with that family love and you got to hold that little one!! 🙂 She is a beautiful and WOW is that picture BEAUTIFUL!!! 🙂
    Those games look awesome! Perfect for outdoor fun! 🙂 ….Oooo, I want an iphone too! I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to do a millionth of what it is capable of though and would be a waste of money. We shall see! If you get one, let me know how it is!
    Again, BEAUTIFUL little Goddaughter you’ve got there!

  2. Great weekend with family. Crazy that you had so many issues with your flights!
    We like cornhole too for back yard games. 🙂
    BTW, love my iphone and can’t imagine what I did before I had one! I have had one for almost 2 years and Im never going back to anything else! Super easy and user friendly. 🙂

    Your God daugher is so darn cute, makes me want another one (thats about the 10th time in the past month I have said this regarding a baby) 🙂

  3. The pictures are beautiful! Looks like you had a great time with your family!


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