Workout Wednesday- Men’s Health

I think it should be illegal for Ryan Reynolds to wear a shirt.... 😉

Today, I have another great post from my brother! He is an avid reader of Men’s Health Magazine, and to be completely honest, I am too 🙂 I got a subscription for my honey this summer and I absolutely love reading it when I get the chance. I’m not a fan of Women’s Health, but the men’s version has some pretty awesome stuff in it! Like in the September issue it says to “skip the skim milk- your body needs some fat to absorb the vitamin D in dairy.” You won’t find that in most women’s mags! 

If you’ve read my first two contributions for this site, then you know I love food that’s not necessarily the best for me.  You could then also make the assumption that I’m not the most fit and you would be assuming correctly.  In fact I’m almost the inverse of my sister who wasn’t the most fit when we were kids while I could eat anything I want and never gain an ounce of fat.

Now my sister’s fit and I’m what’s known as “skinny-fat” which is the worst kind of fat because I look normal (almost skinny) while wearing clothes but there’s flab and a small old-man gut underneath.

My biggest problem these days is Newton’s First Law: “…every body, as much as in it lies, endeavors to preserve its present state whether it be of rest or moving uniformly in a straight line.”

Basically I haven’t worked out as much as I should and it’s tough to get over the inertia of being lazy.  So lately what I’ve been doing is figuring out ways to sneak in a quick 15 minute workout on my lunch break (I work from home which actually contributes to the inertia problem more than I thought it would).  Sometimes I’ll do my sister’s hallway workout, other days I’ll alternate between the below workouts that I got from Men’s Health with my 25 pound dumbbells.  I’m hoping that once I get settled into a bit of a routine during my lunch break, my muscles will start craving more forcing me back into my previous workout schedule.

Shoulder and Biceps Circuit:

1)      Pushup Position Row

2)      Sevens (Biceps) while kneeling

3)      Rest for 30 seconds

4)      Wide grip pushups with hands on the dumbbells

5)      Kneeling Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Single Dumbbell Full Body Circuit adapted from the Garret Hedlund workout in Men’s Health.  Each exercise should be done with only a single dumbbell/single side of your body at a time.  The single side helps with your balance as well as engaging minor stabilizers in your core.

1)      Dumbbell Deadlift

2)      Bent Over Row

3)      Hang Clean

4)      Front Squat (resting the dumbbell in the “hammer” hold on the front of your shoulder)

5)      Push Press

6)      Good Morning (for this one I hold the dumbbell against my upper back and lower neck

Doing a single one of these circuits with 25 dumbbells will get your heart rate up and break a sweat plus leave you enough time to shower, eat a solid lunch, and get back to work within a 30 minute lunch break.  Crank out two or three circuits with this weight or a lighter one and you’ll really get a good workout in.

Have you read Men’s Health before?


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  1. My Husband gets that magazine too. I have looked through it here and there but have never thought to do any of the exercises in it. I hear ya on needing to get back into working out. It is so difficult to get back into once you stop for awhile. Im trying too! I like your ideas about getting the exercise in when you can even if it is 15 minutes!

    • It also helps that these mini-circuits and/or the weight you choose work your muscles but not to the point of exhaustion. I find it a lot easier to work out some other part of my body the next day, go for a run/swin, or just be generally useful around the house when I’m not so sore that I can hardly move, which in turn helps keep the motivation up.

      For lunch today I did the Shoulder and Biceps Circuit once through and then the Hallway Workout circuit once through and it really worked my entire body and my heart.

  2. Hello brother of Kristin 🙂 ….I love the cover of Men’s Health Niiiiiice! I’m sure all who subscribe to the magazine appreciate the cover too! 😉 HA!
    PS- what is a ‘Good Morning’ #6?

    • Good Morning is typically done with a barbell (what you do a bench press with) placed across your shoulders/upper back as if you were going to do a squat. To do the move you bend over at the hips until your upper body is perpendicular to the ground or the stretch in your hamstrings is tight. Keeping your abs braced, rise back up and finish off the move using your hips to help straighten up the rest of the way.

    • P.S. I didn’t pick the image up there, Kristin did for reasons that escape me.

  3. LOVE Men’s Health…and they have another one that’s more for married men too..can’t remember the name of it right now though!
    Good for you for just moving!! It really is all about the LITTLE things …they all add up to big changes! Just keep chugging along!

    • I think you’re talking about Best Life. Which I don’t know if it’s still in print given that each month’s Men’s Health has a Best Life section.

      That magazine wasn’t as good as Men’s Health from an exercise and food standpoint, but some of the articles were more interesting because they were geared towards at different age/marital status population. Though, I will say that Men’s Health has gotten much better about these types of articles in the last 10 years.


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