Getting back on track

This week, I am getting myself back on track with my workouts. I haven’t been as consistent, nor have I worked out as hard as I used to.

I have a plan to change all of that though.

I mentioned last week that I found some great workout apps for my phone. I am loving these workouts and plan to make them a regular part of my routine.

Also, the two latest issues of Oxygen magazine have some really awesome workouts. The first was for the upper body and the second was for the lower body. Each workout has 3 or 4 exercises per muscle group for each part of the body. You pick one move from each category to create your workout. Each time you work that part of your body, you choose a new move in each category, thus changing up your routine every single time.

These workouts and my apps have inspired me to get back to working out like I used to.

I made a 5-day plan that I started this morning. Here’s what it looks like:

Thursday morning: Oxygen lower body workout

  • Front lunge with dumbbells
  • Dumbbell squat
  • Reverse lunge with dumbbells
  • Dumbbell deadlift
  • Fire hydrant
  • Bridge
  • Lying hamstring curl
  • Calf raises
Friday morning: Oxygen upper body workout
  • Hammer curls
  • Dumbbell floor press (because I don’t have a bench upstairs)
  • Triceps extensions
  • Bent-over rows
  • Good mornings
  • Arnold press
Saturday morning: Run and abs workout
Sunday: Hiking with my honey
Monday after work: workout with my old trainer

I’m pretty sure I will be regretting the decision to do the 99 workout on Monday evening…but my trainer really wants to try it out. I’m excited to do it again as well because it shows me what I am capable of doing!

This is going to be a tough 5 days, but just after doing the short workout this morning, I had so much more energy today. I just need to keep reminding myself how good it feels for the rest of the day when I put a little effort into a workout in the morning.

I’ll keep you updated on how it all goes! And I will try not to complain about how sore my legs are after running on Saturday, then hiking on Sunday, then doing nearly 500 squats on Monday 🙂

What’s the best workout you’ve done lately?


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A 20-something farmer's wife who has finally learned to eat healthy, be happy and live well!

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  1. haha that Saturday, Sunday and Monday combo sounds intense! The stretching in there is definitely a good idea! My legs get so tight when they’re sore!

  2. Ooooo- I’m feeling the burn just reading that! I am not working out as well as I was this summer, I guess that is the way the ball bounces once school comes around and takes over my life…
    Good luck, girlie! You can do it!

  3. liking the core workout! 😉
    Best workout I’ve done recently? hmmm…probably my own Bootcamp class! Sweat pours! But I have so much fun putting other people through hell! Is that bad?

  4. great job with the workout!
    we have been enjoying jump roping again lately mixed in with some strength training exercises!


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