I heart mountains

The hike yesterday reconfirmed why I absolutely love living where I do.

My honey and I have been on numerous hikes all over our beautiful town, as well as other areas in Virginia. Each time we hike, I am amazed by how beautiful the mountains are. Especially at this time of year when the leaves are so gorgeous!

I took a few pictures out of the sunroof of the car as we were driving towards the trail. These three turned out amazing!!

We weren’t sure how Titan would do on the trail, so we stopped quite a few time. Mainly to take pictures of him!

We started on the trail with an older couple. They stayed ahead of us until we got up to Kennedy Peak.

My honey did what you always do in situations like this and asked if they were from around here. Turns out they live on the river where we did some waterskiing over the summer. They own a barn that has been transformed into a weekend lodge. We had heard about this barn and were really interested in seeing it. Luckily they invited us over to see it! So we followed them home to it and took a tour, which was awesome! I didn’t take my camera in, so no pics, but maybe if we stop by again to see them. They were so sweet for inviting us over to see it!

Anyways, up at Kennedy Peak is this little structure. There is an area to get in out of the elements and you could even set up your tent inside.

And lots of people have been here over the years, leaving their mark on it.

We also went up top to see the 360 view. It is incredible! Here are a few pics from up there and from right in front of the bottom part.

The river you see here is the Shenandoah.

The lighting on the hike down the mountain was absolutely stunning. I kept stopping to take pictures and ended up with a few good ones.

We were also very thankful for the couple we met on the trail because they took a new family picture for us! Titan looks great, but the sun was killing me and my honey, so we have sort of funny looks on our faces!

Not only was the hike great for us to spend so much time together (and get some exercise for Titan and ourselves), but it also took my mind off of my family….they are all in Cabo San Lucas right now! My honey couldn’t take time off from work and financially it just wouldn’t work for us right now, otherwise we would totally be there!!! The fam is staying at the resort where we went for our honeymoon. In talking to my honey about it, I mentioned that I could just picture myself laying in our little cabana area where we spent so much time… 😦

I’m so sad I can’t be there because one: Cabo is absolutely gorgeous! And two: I wish I could be with my fam enjoying such an awesome vacation! Oh well, there will always be a next time!


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  1. Your pictures turned out AMAZING! And, those people were super nice to give you a tout of the barn/lodge! ….. Maybe one day you’ll get back to the honeymoon destination and lay in that cabana again!

  2. These pictures are beautiful! And your pup is so cute… & getting so big!

  3. That’s a great family photo!!!!

    Where did you go? it looks soooooo pretty. I love the way those mountains just undulate.

    • Aww, thanks 🙂 We went about 10 miles up the road from our house. And if you keep going on part of the trail we were on, you will end up on the ridge right by our house. We keep saying we’re going to do that hike one day, but can’t manage to find the time to hike that far!

  4. Ahh I’m so jealous! Hiking is one of my favorite things to do, but here in Illinois, there are zero hills… nada. Although I do laugh when people call the Appalachians mountains. I know they technically are, but growing up going skiing in the Rockies they are like hills! Gorgeous hills, though. I miss that area!

  5. The pics are gorgeous, Kristin! LOVE hiking..it might be my favorite activity!


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