Crazy busy week + new recipe!

Words can’t even describe how crazy-busy I’ve been for the past week! I haven’t had a moment to breathe during work or in the evenings once I finally get home. I’ve gotten so behind on catching up with you all and that makes me sad 😦 However, I am hoping to have a few moments this weekend to do just that!

Luckily, my brother came through again at this busy time for me by sending me a new recipe!!!! I didn’t even have to ask for one…it’s like he just knew I needed it  🙂

Enjoy and I promise I’ll be back soon!!


This week’s foray into Eat Happy, Be (Somewhat) Healthy, Live Well series focuses more on an explosion of flavor instead of decadent delights.  After the last post I had some leftover Tilapia and couldn’t quite figure out what to do with it.  While picking up some To-Go at Buffalo Wild Wings (I know, the shame…) I saw their array of sauces on the wall and their new dry-rubs which got me to thinking about this Tilapia situation.  I picked up some of the Chipotle BBQ rub and started scheming about a Southwestern BBQ style fish with a light and fresh accompaniment and the below is what I came up with:

Chipotle BBQ Tilapia with Black Bean Corn Salsa (serves 2 with lots of salsa leftovers)


  • ·         2 Tilapia filets
  • ·         Your favorite Chipotle BBQ rub – Buffalo Wild Wings or Pampered Chef have good ones
  • ·         3 strips of Thick Cut Bacon
  • ·         ¼ Medium White or Yellow Onion
  • ·         ½ – 2/3 of a bag of frozen Corn, thawed
  • ·         Chili Powder to taste
  • ·         1 can Black Beans, drained and rinsed
  • ·         1 Clove of Garlic finely minced
  • ·         10-12 Sweet Grape Tomatoes finely diced (see note below before making the recipe)
  • ·         A large palm-full of fresh Cilantro, chopped
  • ·         1 Small Red Bell Pepper finely diced
  • ·         2 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • ·         Sea Salt to taste
  • ·         Black Pepper to taste
  • ·         1 Avocado, halved and sliced into a fan

Step 1: Place the Bacon onto some tin foil on a baking sheet and place under the broiler for about 5 minutes, flip and broil another 5-7 minutes until bacon is just crisp.  Roughly chop the bacon.  Reserve the bacon grease in the foil until step 4.

Step 2: In a frying pan, heat the Olive Oil until it’s hot.  Sauté Onions in the hot oil for about 2 minutes, then add Corn and a generous shake of Chili Powder and continue sautéing until onions and corn have just a touch of caramel color.

Step 3: Combine Garlic, Beans, Corn & Onions, Cherry Tomatoes, Cilantro, Red Bell Peppers and Bacon.  Add in 3 good turns of Sea Salt (from a salt grinder), and then Black Pepper to taste and then toss all of the ingredients until well combined.

Step 4: In heavy bottom stainless-steel or cast-iron skillet, heat the bacon grease on medium-high for about 2-3 minutes.  While the oil is heating up season both sides of your fish with the Chipotle BBQ rub, and when the oil is ready place the fish into the skillet.  Sear for roughly 4-5 minutes and then turn for another 3 minutes or so.

Step 5: Plate the fish with a fan of Avocado on top (my avocado wouldn’t cooperate so I unceremoniously chucked it to the side of the plate).  Place a generous helping of the black bean and corn salsa on the side.  Enjoy.

Notes:  The avocado, at first, served as merely an edible garnish but turned out to be the star of the show: for one it added a nice textural element and cooling sensation when taken in a bite with the fish.  With the salsa I would recommend only using enough tomatoes for your current meal and keeping them out of the main salsa mixture.  Without the tomatoes, the salsa remains dry which helps it keep in the fridge longer which means you can then use the leftover salsa for other things; e.g. a salsa for snacking with tortilla chips, a nice Southwestern themed Frittata for breakfast or lunch, or as an addition to a bowl of chilli.


About eat healthy. be happy. live well.

A 20-something farmer's wife who has finally learned to eat healthy, be happy and live well!

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  1. I am seriously going to have to add this recipe to my life. I love tilapia but struggle with new and different ways to make it. I love all the good flavors and spices going on in this combo – I think my boyfriend might even like it. 😉

  2. It is the season to be crazy busy!!! ….I am in the exact same boat! Ugh, can’t keep my head above water…. Hopefully this weekend is super productive for you! (I have a wedding to attend….)

  3. I love when people share their Creative recipes. I love tilapia but, like Molly@hungryhungryrunner, I always keep making it the same… Plus, it’s nice to have a “theme” meal…. I wonder if Nick’s recent trip to Cabo subconsciously steered him toward a Mexican flavor????


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