Happy Leap Day!

Here’s a photo I snapped with my phone of the sky just minutes before it started raining this morning.


Gorgeous, right?

Unfortunately it is going to rain all day though.

It has officially been four weeks since I started my anti candida diet/cleanse and it is still going great! I’m going to continue learning more about the Paleo diet and try to stick to cutting out sugar and grains for a little bit longer and see how it goes.

This week there is a Paleo Summit going on online. It’s basically a virtual conference where you can hear presentations from experts in the field along with others who disagree with the Paleo diet. It has been fascinating to hear from them and I have learned so much already.

Check it out and register for FREE if you’re interested at http://www.paleosummit.com.


About eat healthy. be happy. live well.

A 20-something farmer's wife who has finally learned to eat healthy, be happy and live well!

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  1. Wow, that picture is beautiful! Hope you’re doing well!

  2. that is a gorgeous picture! nature can be so amazing! and love catching those moments to treasure everyday.

  3. Oh wow, yes this is gorgeous!! Great picture. Good for your for your candida cleanse!! My sisters and I had great success with doing one, hope it really helps you!

  4. Nice to catch up on your post! Time off is amazing, I have been taking more and more time off from my blog too. It is very nice to reconnect with friends!

    I like your new car too! 🙂


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