The farmer’s market is back!

I’m so excited that my farmer’s market has opened up on Tuesday mornings again. They were still open on Saturdays through the winter, but since I’m not down that way on Saturdays, I had to do without. It was such a great sight to see all of the fresh produce again! And the wonderful people 🙂

I went back the first day they were open and got some regular and sweet potatoes, plus some kale and spinach. This week when I went, I got the same thing, but also got these beauties!

They are super early this year, but man are they good!! I’m excited for all of the other fresh produce I’m going to be getting this spring and summer. I won’t be having much of a garden this year (but my honey has promised me a lovely raised bed next year!), so I’ll be relying on the farmer’s market again this year for most stuff.

After a year of picking up the fresh stuff there and then going blueberry picking and peach/apple picking, plus having access to copious amounts of blackberries, I’ve learned that the best way to ensure I can have the yummy fruits for months to come is to pick in bulk and then freeze! So that’s my plan this year. I’m hoping to hear from the blueberry farm in the next month or so that they are ready to be picked, then I plan to pick a few gallons so I can have them for smoothies, muffins and oatmeal well into the end of summer and hopefully into the fall. I plan to do the same thing with the peaches and blackberries as well.

I get giddy just thinking about it 😀 Can’t wait!!


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  1. I just spent over $40 on seeds yesterday- my garden is going to get crazy this year! At least I’m crossing my fingers for that….. we don’t have a farmers market anywhere close 😦 maybe 45 miles away or so, but I’m not even sure about that one.
    Those berries look scrumptious!!!

  2. Mindy Grange

    🙂 Those berries look aaaaaaaaahmazing!!! What farm did you pick them at?


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