What a Glorious Day

Today has been amazing!

Since I didn’t have anything on my schedule today, I figured it would be the perfect day to go pick strawberries. The season started a little earlier this year because of the crazy weather we’ve had. Apparently next week they are really going to peak, so I might end up going back again for more 🙂

I got up this morning and called the farm early to find out when the best time to come would be. They said to be there early, so I got ready and was out the door before 8:30am.

Since the farm is closer to my mom’s house than mine, I called to see if she wanted to join me. Of course, she couldn’t pass up time spent with her wonderful daughter, so she met me there. Even though she didn’t pick any for herself, she so graciously helped me pick 6 quarts! At $3 a quart, it was quite the deal! At the farmer’s market on Tuesday, they were $6 a quart, so I stocked up today.

I’d never been strawberry picking before, and neither had my mom, so it was a nice little adventure for us. There were plenty of ripe ones, but you just had to dig around for them. I really could have just stayed all day picking those gorgeous little fruits!

Isn’t the place gorgeous?! They also do cherries and other berries throughout the summer, so I plan to go back a few times.

Thank you mom for taking pictures!

Look at all of this beautiful fruit!!! I am beyond thrilled 🙂 There is just something about freshly picked food that you wash and prep yourself. It tastes even better than it looks!

I decided to separate the strawberries into three categories. Since they aren’t going to last too long, I figured I would use some of them this week in my salads and served simply with cream, and then I will freeze most of them for smoothies during the summer. I plan to make some jam with the rest. I’m still researching some recipes, but I’m determined to find one without sugar. Instead, I want to use a little bit of honey, and possibly no pectin. I’ll keep you posted on the results!

After I got home from the farm (which was before 11:30am), I got to spend some quality time with my lawn mower. We have a riding one that we borrow from my in-laws, which is really nice! It’s a lot of fun to drive and I mowed the lawn a bunch last summer, but hadn’t done it yet this year. I love the time I get to spend admiring the beautiful land around me while just thinking. I thought of what I was going to do with all those strawberries, as well as a few other recipes. But my favorite part was just feeling the nice breeze on me as I drove around the yard. I’ve been so cooped up at work lately that I haven’t been outside as much as I’d like to be. Now that the students have finished for the year, I’ll have more free time to get outside at lunch.

After mowing, I got started with the strawberries and I ended up working with them all day in some capacity. I hulled most of them and got the rest bagged up for the freezer (green stems and all!), and put the others in containers to use this week. I also need to figure out a way to not eat all of them…seriously…they are just so damn delicious!

Absolute pure heaven 🙂

Hopefully I’ll emerge from the strawberry coma tomorrow sometime….


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A 20-something farmer's wife who has finally learned to eat healthy, be happy and live well!

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  1. I want to join the strawberry coma with you! Those look delicious!!!! ….What a wonderful way to spend time with your mom too! Aw!

  2. wow now that is a lot of strawberries haha
    I still need to go strawberry picking, never done it before and it looks like fun 😉 plus you get to enjoy a mouthful of delicious sweetness!


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