Another amazing day

Highlights from the day in word form:

  • picking another 6 quarts of fresh strawberries
  • spending time with one of my Goddaughters and her sister (who I’ve known since birth as well)
  • watching the little ones pick strawberries (and eat hay…)
  • the gorgeous sunshine and blue skies
  • the amazing idea to make my own blueberry muffin Larabar (recipe to come!)
  • downloading the feedly app on my phone. Now I can read blogs on the go!
  • weeding my raspberries and knowing I’m going to have a good crop this year πŸ™‚
  • washing my car, which doubled as an upper body workout since I had to scrub so hard to get the bugs off!
  • making strawberry jam (recipe to come!) along with 5 other recipes including a scrumptious strawberry shortcake (yes, I will share this recipe too :))
  • the amazing burger I made for dinner- seriously, it was just so damn delicious
  • going to bed tonight with a clean kitchen

Highlights from the day in picture form (again, many from Instagram!):


About eat healthy. be happy. live well.

A 20-something farmer's wife who has finally learned to eat healthy, be happy and live well!

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  1. Oooo, those strawberries! ❀ they look like heaven!
    And now I'm thinking I need to wash my car- for the arm workout and the fact that my car is a mess!

  2. These pics are so beautiful and refreshing. I want strawberries now!


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