3 years and still going strong

A few weeks ago, my honey and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. As cliche as it is to say it, where did the time go?

I feel like it was just yesterday we danced our first dance to the most beautiful song (which my honey picked as our song about a month into us dating :)).

Photo courtesy Jodi Miller Photography

Alas, it has indeed been three years filled with lots of wonderful memories.

One of our newest memories comes from our little vacation we took for our anniversary. We booked a two night stay at a local timeshare resort back in January through Bass Pro Shops.

The resort is located in Gordonsville, which is a very tiny town, but offered a lot surprisingly. On the way there, we made a few stops. First up was a New Holland dealership…because there is never a bad time to look at tractors.

Next up was a cute outdoor furniture place where we tried out almost every type of chair (and playground equipment!) that they had. We’re trying to decide on which gliders we want for our front porch…and we still haven’t made a decision.

Gordonsville is also home to some fabulous restaurants! The first being the Barbecue Exchange. We stopped for lunch on our way to the resort and it was really good! The service could have been a little better, but the food, and the 6 choices of sauce on each table, were excellent.

After we toured the resort for our timeshare spiel (we of course said no), we got all dolled up and headed over to a French restaurant called Pomme which I found online. It was seriously the best meal I have ever had. Ever. Both my honey and I could not get over how fabulous everything was. I started out with a simple salad of greens with walnuts and sauteed apples with goat cheese. For dinner, I got the chicken- Poulet Veronique- and even talked to the chef about how he made the sauce. Who knew grapes and chicken made such a great pairing? My honey ordered the veal and said it was out of this world! We followed up dinner with creme brulee pour moi and the cheesecake for him.

The next day, we started the day with a nice breakfast at the resort, followed by a pedal boat ride around the small lake. Guess who actually did all of the pedaling??

He wanted to sleep there on the lake all day, but I really wanted to get on to the important part of our trip: wine tasting!!

But first, we needed some lunch.

Enter in another fabulous restaurant on the outskirts of Gordonsville: Stonefire Kitchen. I had an awesome veggie soup with a wonderfully refreshing cobb salad, and my honey had a sandwich and chips with a root beer, which he said was excellent.

We traveled to two different wineries and sampled over 30 wines that day. The first one we went to was Barboursville. Surprisingly, I actually found a red wine that I enjoyed, and several whites. After tasting, we stopped by the historic ruins which was mind-blowing. Both my honey and I enjoy looking at historic architecture and just marveling at what it must have been like to build a house back then.

After I got good and tipsy at Barboursville, we headed over to Horton’s Cellars. I was most excited to visit this place because I picked up a bottle of their peach wine a few weeks ago at the grocery store. It was the best wine I’ve ever had. When I found out it was near the resort, I squealed! They had 12 different fruit wines to try, but were sadly all sold out of the peach. We ended up with a bottle of the cranberry wine, which was almost as good as the peach.

Dinner that night was back at the resort and then we had to get up early to get back home the next morning.

Overall, it was such a fun little getaway and we were pleasantly surprised by the awesome dining options in such a small town. I know we will definitely be going back sometime in the near future; maybe not to the resort, but definitely to Gordonsville, even if it is just to eat 🙂


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  1. Happy Anniversary! ….You’re right- where does the time go?
    Tasting 30 different wines- that is my idea of awesome. Would have been in heaven….. It’s always the right time to look at tractors. Except, I’d only look at green ones 😉

  2. Happy anniversary!

    Peach wine?! That sounds fantastic!

  3. Happy belated anniversary!!! I’m a bad brother…It seems odd that you’re at three years and Jessi and I are only hitting four this August.

    Sounds like an awesome trip, those small towns with excellent restaurants are the best.


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