“Knee deep in the water somewhere…”

I absolutely love Zac Brown Band. My honey proposed after one of their concerts, and we played the song “Toes” as the last one at our wedding as a little send-off for our honeymoon in Mexico.

And now, one of their newer songs “Knee Deep” will serve as this year’s send-off song as we are headed to Mexico for the week!!!

That’s where my honey and I will spending the next week 🙂

Last year, our friends who got married came back from their honeymoon and said they bought a timeshare. They asked if we wanted to vacation with them next year somewhere, and of course we said yes! So technically, this trip has been a year in the making. We are so damn excited to go relax and not worry about anything for a little while (except if the tide is going to reach our chair…).

We are heading up to Baltimore tonight because we are flying out of BWI tomorrow morning. I haven’t started packing yet and am sort of dreading it. I’m only taking a carry-on, so we’ll see how I’m able to fit everything in there. I think my honey is going to have to give up some of his suitcase space for my shoes!

While I’m away, I’ve actually set up a few posts for the week (shocking, I know), so check back in on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (maybe another day too if my brother gets me a new recipe in the next few hours!).

I’m hoping/praying/crossing my fingers that we will have wireless (for free) at the resort so I can stay connected on my phone and share some photos via Instagram (@eathealthybehappy). We’ll see.

I plan to take oodles of pictures while we’re there so look for a big recap post on the 22nd or 23rd. So far we’ve planned on touring some ruins, swimming in some underground rivers and just laying around the resort. It’s going to be pretty amazing, no matter what we end up doing though 🙂

Have a great week!!

Have you been to Mexico? What part?


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  1. HAVE FUN! Be safe. Soak up some sunshine!


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