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What a Glorious Day

Today has been amazing!

Since I didn’t have anything on my schedule today, I figured it would be the perfect day to go pick strawberries. The season started a little earlier this year because of the crazy weather we’ve had. Apparently next week they are really going to peak, so I might end up going back again for more 🙂

I got up this morning and called the farm early to find out when the best time to come would be. They said to be there early, so I got ready and was out the door before 8:30am.

Since the farm is closer to my mom’s house than mine, I called to see if she wanted to join me. Of course, she couldn’t pass up time spent with her wonderful daughter, so she met me there. Even though she didn’t pick any for herself, she so graciously helped me pick 6 quarts! At $3 a quart, it was quite the deal! At the farmer’s market on Tuesday, they were $6 a quart, so I stocked up today.

I’d never been strawberry picking before, and neither had my mom, so it was a nice little adventure for us. There were plenty of ripe ones, but you just had to dig around for them. I really could have just stayed all day picking those gorgeous little fruits!

Isn’t the place gorgeous?! They also do cherries and other berries throughout the summer, so I plan to go back a few times.

Thank you mom for taking pictures!

Look at all of this beautiful fruit!!! I am beyond thrilled 🙂 There is just something about freshly picked food that you wash and prep yourself. It tastes even better than it looks!

I decided to separate the strawberries into three categories. Since they aren’t going to last too long, I figured I would use some of them this week in my salads and served simply with cream, and then I will freeze most of them for smoothies during the summer. I plan to make some jam with the rest. I’m still researching some recipes, but I’m determined to find one without sugar. Instead, I want to use a little bit of honey, and possibly no pectin. I’ll keep you posted on the results!

After I got home from the farm (which was before 11:30am), I got to spend some quality time with my lawn mower. We have a riding one that we borrow from my in-laws, which is really nice! It’s a lot of fun to drive and I mowed the lawn a bunch last summer, but hadn’t done it yet this year. I love the time I get to spend admiring the beautiful land around me while just thinking. I thought of what I was going to do with all those strawberries, as well as a few other recipes. But my favorite part was just feeling the nice breeze on me as I drove around the yard. I’ve been so cooped up at work lately that I haven’t been outside as much as I’d like to be. Now that the students have finished for the year, I’ll have more free time to get outside at lunch.

After mowing, I got started with the strawberries and I ended up working with them all day in some capacity. I hulled most of them and got the rest bagged up for the freezer (green stems and all!), and put the others in containers to use this week. I also need to figure out a way to not eat all of them…seriously…they are just so damn delicious!

Absolute pure heaven 🙂

Hopefully I’ll emerge from the strawberry coma tomorrow sometime….


Instagram is my new obsession

It’s been a really long time since I last posted!!

Lots of stuff has happened since then…the main thing being that I downloaded Instagram and am now obsessed!

Okay, so a lot of other much more important stuff has happened besides that, but it is so much fun 🙂 I just got it on Thursday and have already loaded over 20 pictures.

Of course I had to take some of my puppy…who had his first birthday at the end of February. He now weighs in at 131 pounds…but is still adorable as ever 🙂

I also had some pictures on my phone already that I played with.

Like this one of my honey with Titan, doing what they do best…

My honey and I had a YoungLife golf tournament to play in yesterday. He played regular golf, and us gals played putt putt.

Nice shot!

I got three hole-in-ones! And one of them was on the hardest hole!!

Here are a few other shots that I’ve gotten in the past few days. Seriously, I absolutely love this app and am truly obsessed!

The other awesome thing that happened in the past few months is that I got to see this cute little Easter bunny…

My entire family got together for Easter this year and the main focus was of course Ally 🙂 I plan to post more photos of her and the rest of the fam from the trip at another time. Of course, this is the busiest week of the school year for me, so I don’t think it will be this week, but I hope soon.

I miss posting a lot and getting to share pictures and recipes. But once May gets here, my work will slow down a lot and I hope to have more time over the summer to post.

Do you have Instagram? Are you as obsessed as I am?

One Month Off

It’s officially been one month since I last posted. And wow, a lot has happened in that month! I have tons to fill you in on, so this post is going to be random, but you’ll get a great recipe at the end 🙂

First of all, going back a month to my birthday (or really, a few days after my birthday since my honey had to work that night). I found an incredible yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting recipe made with coconut flour. I halved the recipe, which was just enough for us to eat for a few days. It was actually super close in taste to a traditional yellow cake, so I was very happy with it!

I made my honey take a few pictures and sing me Happy Birthday 🙂

Then Titan wanted in on the cake!

Speaking of Titan, he has finally healed from his wound.

It has been an incredibly long month with him because he just hated being hurt and being limited movement wise. He destroyed 5 different types of cones/collars meant to keep him from licking his stitches. After he ruined the first one, he proceeded to pull out some of his stitches and open the wound back up. That meant we had to take another trip back to the vet to get new stitches and more medicine for him…and a new cone!

Here he is right after the initial stitches. He was so drugged up!

This is the first round of stitches. Sorry if it grosses you out! The noodle-looking thing is called a drain. It helps fluid drain out of the area.

And here is the “cone” that lasted the longest! Isn’t it cute? 🙂

Because he couldn’t run, he wasn’t able to wear himself out during the day. Therefore, he wanted to get up in the middle of the night. This of course threw off his entire schedule and ours. I can’t tell you how many times I was up in the middle of the night out in the freezing cold (and rain and snow sometimes!) with him just walking around because he wasn’t tired!

He’s finally back to his old self and is now free to run around. We ended up getting an invisible fence and that has been super helpful, especially considering he took off after another dog a few weeks ago and I had to chase him through the wooded hill behind our house. I’d say I probably ran a mile and a half trying to figure out where he went! It was less than amusing.

Moving on from the pup, I’ve made lots of changes to my life in the past month.

1. I’ve decided to go shampoo-free! It’s been awesome, but a little gross at times. I started out by just washing my hair every other day, trying to train my hair to not need washing every single day. I had a few really bad hair days, but now it is calming down a bit.

I decided to stop using shampoo for a few reasons. I am going to save a TON of money by not buying shampoo anymore (yes, I was buying semi-expensive Aveeno!), and I’m not going to be exposing myself to harmful chemicals anymore! I simply mix one tablespoon of baking soda with 8 oz of water (shake before each use). I used two old 10 oz jelly jars to store my new shampoo and conditioner in and just put them in the shower where my old stuff used to be. I pour a small amount on my hand and rub it into my hair and I also will pour a little right onto my hair. It definitely doesn’t suds up, and that took some getting used to, but I can definitely feel it in my hair, so I just use my fingers to “wash” my hair the same as I did with shampoo. I rinse it out and will sometimes follow up with a water/apple cider vinegar mixture as well.

To be honest, my hair  is much more manageable and much fuller. My hair has always just sort of laid there and not ever held a style (hence the reason for me keeping it so long!). But now, I can see and feel that it has body to it.

It’s really not hard to do and it is beneficial for many reasons, so I highly recommend trying it. I’ll try to keep you posted about my progress!

2. I’ve changed my eating habits…my honey’s aunt (the holistic nutritionist who has helped me become so much healthier! And gives me free eggs :)) has me on an anti-candida diet.

Now, there are many different versions of this type of diet, and lots of different opinions on what you can and can’t eat. The main focus for me is to eliminate all grains and all sugars (including most fruits and my beloved honey and maple syrup!!!). Mainly I am eating meat and veggies with some nuts and eggs thrown in. A few other things I had to cut out were potatoes and corn (starches), and milk (oh the horror!!!!!).

But don’t worry, I’ve gotten very creative and have come up with lots of great recipes I can have. One I’ll share today and another I’ll share later this week.

I’m on day 11 of the “diet” and I’m feeling great/stellar/stupendous/energetic/fantastic/amazing!! (seriously!) I still have another 18 days to go and I sorely miss my glass of raw milk every day, as well as eating all the fresh fruit I can get my hands on. However, I know that I’m healing my insides (and the rest of my body) by doing this diet/cleanse.

It is actually very similar to the Paleo diet, so in looking up recipes, I found two incredible websites that I want to pass along. The first is called Mark’s Daily Apple. He is the creator of the Primal Blueprint and has incredible information on his blog about healthy eating, the Paleo way. I highly recommend signing up for his newsletter and getting his free ebooks!

The second website I found is PaleOMG, which is a blog by a hilarious girl named Juli. She eats 99% Paleo and is a CrossFit coach. Her recipes are so out of this world that you won’t even notice there aren’t any grains!

If you’re interested in finding out more about candida and the diet, check out Whole Approach. They have a questionnaire you can take, as well as tons of information and recipes (in the forum).

3. I’ve gone back to yoga. I can’t remember the last time I picked up a weight to be honest! For some reason, my body is just tired of doing that, so I’m listening. I still feel incredibly strong, and in some ways stronger than before. Let me tell you, don’t underestimate the power of holding chaturanga to build up your triceps, chest and core!

I found some incredible YouTube channels with some excellent workouts and have been focusing on them. The Power Yoga with Bryan Jones videos are my favorite. Then, for short workouts, I turn to Flexible Warrior Yoga, especially the core one. I also love Tara Stiles, so I typically just search her name and do one of her workouts.

Things are going to be changing very soon though! I start with a new student personal trainer on Monday 🙂 I’m hoping to try out some new stuff with her, especially some CrossFit type workouts, but we’ll see what she has in store for me. I can guarantee it won’t be yoga though!

And finally…

4. I’ve enjoyed more time with the people in my life. Blogging is very time-consuming (especially when you work full-time!). Not only does it take time to put together a post, especially a well-written one with pictures, but reading others’ blogs and commenting on them also takes up a huge amount of time. The best way to get more readers to your blog is to read and comment on others’, so that’s what we bloggers do. I was spending a lot of my “free” time reading about other people’s lives instead of being present in my life.

Part of me absolutely LOVED it! I got to participate in discussions about topics that interest me and I gained a lot of knowledge from other bloggers (not to mention the copious amounts of recipes!! :)). The other part of me though felt like I wasn’t putting enough effort into my own life. Instead of making plans to meet someone for lunch at work, I would be reading other blogs or writing a post of my own. Instead of putting a lot of effort into making my direct-selling business successful, I was taking pictures of recipes I was creating, then editing them, then posting them. And most importantly, instead of spending time on the couch with my honey and my pup, I was commenting on as many blogs as I could just so they’d read my blog and do the same.

I just decided that I’d had enough. As much as I enjoyed sharing recipes and sharing my life, the time I was putting into it wasn’t worth neglecting the rest of my life.

The past four weeks of not blogging and not reading others’ blogs have been great! I found that I’ve been less stressed (except with Titan’s injury!) and I felt more present in my every day life. I’ve been able to reconnect with friends on campus since I have had a lunch date every week for the past month and have a few others scheduled in the next few weeks.

I have also enjoyed a lot more QT with my honey and pup (when they’re awake, that is! :))

I’ve decided to just blog about big events or when I have awesome recipes to share, and to not worry about staying up to date with other blogs right now.

This week will be a little different however. I do plan to post a few times, mostly recipes, but also a piece of exciting news!

The reason for posting today and this week? My honey is with some friends skiing in Colorado!!!!

I was just sent this picture:

Say a little prayer that he doesn’t get hurt (they’re skiing lots of black diamonds!) AND that he doesn’t get a tattoo…all the guys were teasing us women that they were going to, so we’ll see!

Now for the awesome recipe! Paleo and candida friendly 🙂

Green Crustless Quiche

A yummy change to my standard scrambled egg breakfast! Leftovers are great to heat up the next day, which makes for a super quick healthy breakfast to start your day. 

  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 cup raw cream (yes, I can have cream, but not milk. The milk contains sugar, but the cream off the top does not!)
  • 1 small head broccoli, lightly steamed and chopped
  • handful of spinach, chopped
  • 1 inch piece of zucchini diced
  • salt and pepper
  • 1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese
1. Crack the eggs into a bowl and add the cream. Whisk together until they are completely mixed.
2. Add in the veggies (substitute whatever ones you have one hand) and stir to incorporate.
3. Season to desired taste and add the Parmesan cheese, then stir once more.
4. Pour into a greased baking dish (round, square, rectangle…it doesn’t matter!). I have found that coconut oil works best for greasing my baking stones.
5. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes until it has puffed up and no longer jiggles when you shake the pan.

Christmas Recap and another rainbow

I was really hoping to be able to post every day while I was off work…unfortunately, I’ve been so busy and haven’t had the time I thought I would! So here’s a quick recap of the past few days.

Christmas Eve

We had a big family dinner up at my in-laws on Christmas Eve. My parents came, my honey’s aunt and both grandmas, plus my in-laws. I got to make the turkey, which turned out excellent!

Dinner was great, as usual, but I ended up with a lot of leftovers, plus I left some of the turkey at my in-laws! So last night when we had some friends over, I made turkey and rice soup, similar to my Chicken and Rice soup. It turned out fantastic!

Christmas Day

We got up early on Christmas morning to go up to my in-laws for brunch. My honey didn’t exchange gifts, so we just got up and went. We opened presents up there for an hour or so and I got some pretty fun stuff!

I finally got a pair of rain boots!!! The path I take from my car to my office often floods when it rains, so I’m definitely going to get a lot of use out of them!

I also got a splitting maul of my own! Remember when I told you about cutting wood? Well, since I split slower than the guys do, I joked and said I should have my own splitting maul, so my father-in-law bought me one! My honey hasn’t put it together yet (the blade comes separately from the handle) but when he does, I will be sure to show you!

I also got a few gift cards/certificates: Victoria’s Secret, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and even a free adjustment and massage at my Chiropractor!

My mother-in-law and her mother also gave me some money, which I just used to purchase something I’ve had my eye on for quite some time!

I’ve been borrowing a food processor from a friend since July and I feel like I should really get my own and give hers back! I’m so excited about this thing and can’t wait to share a review of it once I get it.

One last thing I got was a Radford t-shirt I picked out when we down there for my brother-in-law’s graduation. It’s super cute and will be a great PJ and workout shirt!

After we opened presents, more of the family came up for brunch. Pancakes, fried eggs, sausage gravy and biscuits, fried oysters and oyster stew were on the menu! I actually had my father-in-law make me scrambled eggs and I brought my own muffins because they didn’t make GF pancakes, and I’m not a big fan of oysters!

While everyone was eating, my honey and his brother were scheming…their youngest cousin was getting a car for Christmas (she gets her license tomorrow!!!) and we all knew the car was parked down at my grandma-in-law’s. The boys decided they were going to mess with it somehow, so they went down and turned it sideways in the garage and piled everything they could find around it! Once we got down there, the whole family pitched in to blow up balloons and decorate the car with bows and everything. It was hilarious! The boys even set up chairs in the front so we could all be sitting there when we opened the garage door to surprise her. It worked!

Day after Christmas

My mom and I went shopping on the 26th after the engagement photo shoot I did. It was a ZOO!! I couldn’t believe how many people were out shopping, and it actually caused me a little anxiety!

Luckily the hassle of dealing with all of the people was worth it because I picked up a pair of LOFT jeans for only $15!! I got a few other things there, but honestly, I didn’t want to spend the time looking for the deals because there were just far too many people. The trip up there made me so glad I live in a small town and don’t have to deal with that many people at once on a regular basis 🙂

After hitting up the outlet mall in Leesburg, my mom and I went to Dulles Town Center to get my rings cleaned. Dick’s Sporting Goods is right there and my mother-in-law got me a gift card to pick up a medicine ball I wanted. I’m really excited about my new workout tool and did a great routine with it yesterday. I’m hoping Lindsay does another Tuesday Trainer with our favorite equipment because I have some new moves now!

Because traffic was so awful, I didn’t have much time after we left Dulles. I originally wanted to go to Reston because that is the nearest place that has both a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. However, it just wasn’t feasible to make it there, so I settled for just Trader Joe’s in Centerville since it was technically on our way home. I picked up lots of goodies there, including three boxes of their Vanilla Almond “Just Clusters” cereal 🙂 I also bought some shampoo for less than $3…I’ll let you know how it is!


It rained pretty much all day, but it started clearing up when I was coming home from getting my hair cut (think “the Rachel” from Friends…oops! It’s a little shorter than I planned on, but I don’t hate it!).  I was sitting in my kitchen and the boys were outside working on stuff. A gorgeous rainbow appeared right in my back yard, but I couldn’t see it. My father-in-law came running over to the kitchen window and was waving his arms all around trying to get my attention. I quickly ran outside with my camera to capture it.

No joke, one end of the rainbow was in the yard! I could clearly see it, but there definitely was no pot of gold!

It was absolutely breath-taking!!! Because it was windy, the clouds were moving away from us and taking the rainbow with. It was crazy to watch it just disappear, but I’m so glad we got to see it.


I’ve finally got a day where I can just be at home and get things done! I need to do some laundry, clean up the kitchen and try to clean out the attic and the basement because I know I won’t take the time to do it after I go back to work. Plus, I have tons of photos to edit!

Here’s to a productive day!

The Graduate

My brother-in-law graduated on Saturday from Radford University!

Here he is in all of his graduated glory!

Radford Alums!

This was the fourth graduation I’ve attended there…my honey’s in May of 2007, my honey’s cousin in December of 2007, my Master’s in May of 2008 and now his. Not only that, but his mom also graduated from there back when it was still called Radford College.

I usually loathe going to graduations….they are always so long and boring most of the time. I even skipped one part of my Master’s graduation because I just didn’t want to put myself and my family through it!

Needless to say, I was not excited about going to another graduation.

Very fortunately, this was the quickest one I’ve ever been to! Yay for December graduations where there aren’t as many students! We were in an out in just about an hour.

Before the ceremony, a bunch of family met at a new Mexican restaurant in town: Alejandro’s! I’m always up for some chips and salsa, so I was super pumped! When I walked in, I saw there were lots and lots of chips on the tables, but no salsa.

Someone quickly pointed out that there is actually a salsa bar instead!

I was beyond stoked! I like to try out different salsas, but I don’t want to be disappointed with what I get and then have to eat it all or waste it. With this, I could try eighteen different salsas and sauces! I stuck to three, but absolutely LOVED them! I seriously ate my weight in chips and salsa and couldn’t finish my enchiladas. I was surprised I was able to stay awake during the ceremony because I was so stuffed.

After the ceremony, we did a little shopping at the bookstore and my honey and I reminisced about our time there. We drove around the little city and saw how much it has changed since we graduated. It was a nice relaxing day before we went out to eat AGAIN!

This time, we went to a local brewery that is more of a meat and potatoes kind of place: The River Company

This was my second time here; my honey and I ate here for our one year anniversary actually. It’s still a beautiful place that overlooks the New River and has a great atmosphere, but they changed their menu and a few of the things we wanted, we weren’t able to get. It was a little dissatisfying in that respect, but the almond creme brulee was spectacular!

After dinner, my honey and I, and the graduate and his girlfriend, all headed out on the town! I was the DD because I’m not much for drinking anymore…plus I wanted my honey to be able to celebrate with his brother.

Let’s just say they had a good time 🙂 It was a fun evening and I had to drive home the next day so my honey could sleep!

Congratulations to my brother-in-law for finally getting through it all! We can’t wait to have you back home so you can let Titan out during the day 😉

One last shot of the grad and his proud mama! (Don’t tear up Nancy!! :))


Starting tomorrow (Wednesday), I don’t have to go back to work until January 3rd 🙂 I’ve already got a list of over 30 things that I want to do/accomplish/make/cook/clean/bake over break! I have a lot of reading to do and tons of cleaning as well. I plan to do a mini spring cleaning basically because we have barely been home this semester!

In addition to that, I hope to be able to post again every day 🙂 I can’t wait to share some photography and some new recipes!!

Off to enjoy a super relaxing evening with my honey and pup!

New Recipe: Fat Kid’s PB&J

I’ve got another great recipe from my brother today! And it’s a doozy 🙂

I apologize but this week’s Eat Happy, Be (Somewhat) Healthy, Live Well recipe doesn’t have any delicious pictures to whet your appetite…frankly this recipe is a tough one to make simply because you need fresh berries which are typically cost effective to buy and tastiest in the late summer months but the richness of it makes it perfect for a winter morning.  So I haven’t made it in a while, and I haven’t tried it, yet, with frozen berries – if you do try it with frozen berries, let me know how it turns out.

Fat Kid’s take on PB&J

The name of this recipe is based on my self-ascribed nickname of Fat Kid and what it’ll do to your waistline if you eat it more often than once every couple of months.


  • ·         Handful of Fresh Blueberries
  • ·         Handful of Fresh Raspberries
  • ·         4 Strawberries, quartered
  • ·         Water for consistency
  • ·         Honey and/or Brown Sugar to taste
  • ·         2 Tbsp Vanilla
  • ·         Peanut Butter
  • ·         Ground Flaxseed
  • ·         French Toast

Step 1: Place all of the berries into a sauce pot and fill with just enough water to almost cover the berries.  Add Vanilla and Honey/Brown Sugar to taste.  I use “to taste” here because depending on the season and provider, your berries could be sweet enough already or you may simply enjoy a more tart flavor profile.  In my last attempt at this recipe I used both Honey and Brown Sugar, for the sweetness and molasses + sweet flavoring, respectively.  However, next time I’ll go with just the brown sugar to coax more molasses flavoring without overly sweetening it.

Step 2: Bring water, vanilla, sugar/honey, and berry mixture to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer for at least 20 minutes, depending on your desired thickness for this syrup/jelly.  Once you’ve reduced it to approximately your liking (err on the side of too thin as you can always use a little corn starch to thicken), toss everything into a food processor and pulse to get the berries further integrated into the sauce.

Step 3: Make two slices of French Toast per person following your normal French Toast recipe.

Step 4: Spread Peanut Butter onto one slice of French Toast and sprinkle with ground Flaxseed.  Place second slice of French Toast on top, then drizzle Berry Syrup/Jelly on top of the entire sandwich.


As I was typing this up, I came up with a couple of variations on the above that could (and should) be tried, but I haven’t personally tested them yet to let you know if they are wonderful or a big failure pile in a sadness bowl.

Variation #1:  Fat Kid’s Fluffy Clouds of PB&J

Step 4: Add Cream Cheese in a one-to-one ratio with the peanut butter and whip together until volume is at least doubled using an electric mixer before slathering on your French Toast.

Variation #2: Fat Kid’s Adult PB&J

Step 1: Substitute a nice red wine for the water.

Step 2: Pour and press mixture through a very fine mesh strainer to make the reduction a sauce without any chunks of fruit.  Repeat multiple times as necessary to get the absolute most flavor out of the chunks of berries.

Step 3: Use a nice artisan bread for your French toast, and only one slice per person.

Step 4: Add Cream Cheese in a one-to-one ratio with the peanut butter and whip together until volume is at least doubled using an electric mixer before slathering on your French Toast.  Serve in dessert-sized portions with the sauce/syrup/jelly also artfully drizzled on the plate for dipping purposes.  Garnish with a square of Dark Chocolate to pair pleasantly with the wine and berry reduction.

Sounds yummy, right?? Go make it now for someone you love 🙂

Christmas Decorations

Originally, I didn’t want to get our Christmas tree until next week. This morning, however, our pastor (who lives a few miles down the road in our small town) said he wanted to come over and see our house once we got it all decorated. After hearing that, we decided to stop after church to pick up our tree and get started on the decorating process! Nothing like a little pressure from the pastor to get things done 🙂

We went back to the same place we went last year. A local couple has a very small sampling of trees that are quite a nice price. We only paid $20 this year and check out the beaut we got!

We drug out all of our Christmas decorations from the attic, turned on some Christmas music (Michael Buble Christmas station on Pandora is fabulous!!) and got started. I’m amazed at how much we got done in such a short amount of time actually!

I whipped up a batch of homemade hot chocolate, only this time I cut up a chocolate bar we had and melted that in the warm milk. I also added extra kahlua and some Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder…talk about a little slice of heaven in a mug 🙂

My mother-in-law got us a set of these awesome mugs as an early Christmas present!

While my honey took care of our stair banister, I put myself in charge of lighting the tree. I’m very proud to say it only took me one try to get the lights perfect 🙂

We picked up some LED lights last year to decorate with and then after Christmas we picked up some more on sale. They are much different than the traditional ones, but fun in a different way!

I had some fun with my camera and got this shot.

I simply zoomed in with the lens as I snapped the picture. My shutter speed was only 1/5 so it was open long enough to make the cool effect.

We had some help putting up all of the lights and decorations, but he got tired pretty quickly and decided to park it on the couch.

We always said we wouldn’t let him up on the couch, but lately we just haven’t been saying no. However, we have laid down one of my college blankets so he doesn’t get hair all over the cushions.

I made my honey take more pictures of me with Titan today because in going through all of the photos we have of him, I realized there are barely any of me with him.

We still have ornaments to put on the tree and lots of lights to put up outside, but at least we’ve got a start on it all! We didn’t put up lights outside last year, so it will be exciting to do it this year. I can’t wait to see the whole house lit up 🙂


On a completely unrelated note….I downloaded Angry Birds Seasons to my phone…big mistake!! I’m addicted!! It’s fun to have the snow falling on the levels and to see the Santa hats on the little piggies though 🙂