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3 years and still going strong

A few weeks ago, my honey and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. As cliche as it is to say it, where did the time go?

I feel like it was just yesterday we danced our first dance to the most beautiful song (which my honey picked as our song about a month into us dating :)).

Photo courtesy Jodi Miller Photography

Alas, it has indeed been three years filled with lots of wonderful memories.

One of our newest memories comes from our little vacation we took for our anniversary. We booked a two night stay at a local timeshare resort back in January through Bass Pro Shops.

The resort is located in Gordonsville, which is a very tiny town, but offered a lot surprisingly. On the way there, we made a few stops. First up was a New Holland dealership…because there is never a bad time to look at tractors.

Next up was a cute outdoor furniture place where we tried out almost every type of chair (and playground equipment!) that they had. We’re trying to decide on which gliders we want for our front porch…and we still haven’t made a decision.

Gordonsville is also home to some fabulous restaurants! The first being the Barbecue Exchange. We stopped for lunch on our way to the resort and it was really good! The service could have been a little better, but the food, and the 6 choices of sauce on each table, were excellent.

After we toured the resort for our timeshare spiel (we of course said no), we got all dolled up and headed over to a French restaurant called Pomme which I found online. It was seriously the best meal I have ever had. Ever. Both my honey and I could not get over how fabulous everything was. I started out with a simple salad of greens with walnuts and sauteed apples with goat cheese. For dinner, I got the chicken- Poulet Veronique- and even talked to the chef about how he made the sauce. Who knew grapes and chicken made such a great pairing? My honey ordered the veal and said it was out of this world! We followed up dinner with creme brulee pour moi and the cheesecake for him.

The next day, we started the day with a nice breakfast at the resort, followed by a pedal boat ride around the small lake. Guess who actually did all of the pedaling??

He wanted to sleep there on the lake all day, but I really wanted to get on to the important part of our trip: wine tasting!!

But first, we needed some lunch.

Enter in another fabulous restaurant on the outskirts of Gordonsville: Stonefire Kitchen. I had an awesome veggie soup with a wonderfully refreshing cobb salad, and my honey had a sandwich and chips with a root beer, which he said was excellent.

We traveled to two different wineries and sampled over 30 wines that day. The first one we went to was Barboursville. Surprisingly, I actually found a red wine that I enjoyed, and several whites. After tasting, we stopped by the historic ruins which was mind-blowing. Both my honey and I enjoy looking at historic architecture and just marveling at what it must have been like to build a house back then.

After I got good and tipsy at Barboursville, we headed over to Horton’s Cellars. I was most excited to visit this place because I picked up a bottle of their peach wine a few weeks ago at the grocery store. It was the best wine I’ve ever had. When I found out it was near the resort, I squealed! They had 12 different fruit wines to try, but were sadly all sold out of the peach. We ended up with a bottle of the cranberry wine, which was almost as good as the peach.

Dinner that night was back at the resort and then we had to get up early to get back home the next morning.

Overall, it was such a fun little getaway and we were pleasantly surprised by the awesome dining options in such a small town. I know we will definitely be going back sometime in the near future; maybe not to the resort, but definitely to Gordonsville, even if it is just to eat 🙂


Well hello there

So it’s officially been a month and a half since I last posted…

I wish I could say it was because I’ve been so busy that I had no time to put together a post. However, it was the opposite! After I finished my online class for the summer (which I got an A- in!!!), I had more free time after work to spend doing other things like…

Playing outside with my puppy (who is no longer a puppy at 130+ pounds!)…

Cooking and baking in my kitchen…

And laying on the couch with my honey…

(I know that isn’t a picture of us laying on the couch, but when we are both laying down, who is going to take the picture?? We haven’t trained Titan to do that sort of thing yet…)

Then, I took 11 days off of work at the end of June and relished in every moment of being at home with no schedule and very few things on my to-do list. It was amazing. I spent time outside relaxing, and lots of time inside doing some projects that were long overdue (like cleaning out the attic and basement…).

I’ve wanted to get back to my blog for awhile now, but I always found something else to do. Last night though, I was inspired to get back to it by a wonderful group of women!

Through the amazing power of Instagram, I found out a few weeks ago that Lindsay would be visiting VA this month. I told her that I would love to meet up with her while she was in the area and that day finally came yesterday. Sarah planned an awesome little dinner at The Local in Charlottesville for a small group of other VA bloggers. I was so thankful to still be included even though I haven’t been keeping up with blogging lately. I met some amazing women and hope to be able to stay connected with them since they are so close!

If you’re ever in the Charlottesville area, you definitely need to stop by The Local! I got the Honey Bee martini (for half price because I smiled at the bartender ;)) and the chipotle pork chop over mashed potatoes with shoestring sweet potatoes on top (yes, family, you read that right! I, Kristin Michelle,  ordered a pork chop at a restaurant). Absolutely delicious!

After dinner, Sarah did a little raffle and I was the very lucky recipient of a beautiful box of goodies from Feast. I can’t wait to try out everything, especially the Loquat White Balsamic Vinegar!!

It was so great connecting with these women and it was a wonderful reminder of how awesome this healthy living (and just bloggers in general!) community really is. Hopefully we’ll get together again for the camping trip at our place we started planning last night 🙂

Weekend review in Instagram pics

It’s been a super busy 5 days for me with different get togethers with friends, shows for my part time job, studying and doing assignments for my class, plus trying to keep up with everything around the house.

Luckily I had Saturday all to myself and I got a bunch of stuff done. I also took a bunch of Instagram photos because I’m obsessed 🙂

I’ll let them do most of the talking today!

Sunrise on Saturday morning at about 5:30am. This is pretty much the view from my bed, which is amazing during the summer!


My honey and his dad spent all Saturday morning washing one of their tractors to get it ready for the haymaking season. Welcome to my #farmlife.


Honeysuckle is truly my favorite part of the spring! The beautiful scent wafts through the air all around our house since the flowers are everywhere.


I did an awesome workout on Saturday and I’m still feeling it today! I ran 1.5 miles then did three rounds of 20 push ups, 20 burpees, 50 jumping jacks, 20 jump squats and 20 jump lunges. All while getting loads of vitamin D and a little tan 🙂

And no, my legs are not really that tan…at least not yet!


Saturday night I made steak kabobs on the grill for my honey. I decided we needed a biscuit to go along with them, so I whipped up a version of the strawberry shortcake biscuit with less honey and no vanilla. They were perfect!


Since I didn’t take Titan for a walk or run yesterday, I took him out this morning. It was the perfect way to spend the morning before church.


For dinner tonight, I had chips and spicy guacamole! Seriously, that was all I had.


I didn’t post this picture to Instagram, but it’s too funny not to share. I took my books and my computer outside to do some homework on Sunday and look who decided to join me!


This one didn’t get posted either, but that’s because I wanted to share the news here. Thanks to some awesome friends and Groupon, this is happening in the near future 🙂


Yep, that’s right. My honey and I are going skydiving!!!! I’m beyond excited! We’ve talked about it for the past two years and always said it was too expensive. Well, a friend (who knew we wanted to go) called on Friday and told me she found an amazing deal on Groupon for a place in the area. I jumped on it and have not stopped thinking about it since! I can’t wait for it to actually happen and I promise I will share all the details.

Have you ever been skydiving? Please share! Anything exciting happen this weekend for you?

Back to school, back to school…

I graduated with my Master’s Degree four years ago (crazy how time flies!). My degree is in counseling and human development with a concentration in student affairs. Getting this degree was a huge accomplishment and landed me my current job at a university.

I absolutely love my job! I enjoy going to work every day and rarely do I find myself frustrated with it (maybe with the students…but not with my job). I love my boss and the wonderful people that make up our very large department. We spend a lot of time together and we eat a lot! We’re actually having a cookout on Thursday that I’ll miss since I’m taking the day off 😦 Oh well, there will be more throughout the summer.

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I’m passionate about healthy living and nutrition. It has become such a huge part of my life in the past few years and it’s something I decided I wanted to pursue a little bit more.

Working at a university has so many perks. Not only do I get a lot of vacation days, but I also get breaks when the students get breaks for the holiday- like almost two weeks off at Christmas! Another amazing perk is that I can take classes for free.

That’s right, any class on any topic for FREE!

After working here for four years, I finally decided to take advantage of this and I signed up for two online summer classes. The first one started on Monday and so far I’m loving it. However, I forgot how much time it takes to get through a 16 week course in just four weeks. I really should be listening to a lecture right now, not blogging…

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a little nervous about the classes. I haven’t had to write a paper or take a test or read a textbook in four years! What if I’ve forgotten how to do those things? So far, the assignments for this first class have been easy, but I have a bunch of reading to do and videos to watch. Plus, I’m going to have some projects to start working on…I’m hoping I can still find the time to blog while also getting my schoolwork done.

This first class I’m taking is called Nutrition for Wellness. I knew going into it that I would be learning (and then have to regurgitate) information that I disagree with. See this post about fats to get a sense of what I’m talking about. But I decided that it was a step in the right direction and it will be a great learning experience for me. Fortunately, my professor used to be a powerlifter/bodybuilder, so I think some of his values are in line with mine as far as clean eating goes.

Quick story about the book for class…I kind of forgot that I needed to get it so I went to the bookstore on Thursday to see how much it cost. It was $105 for the used book!!!! That’s insane, and I was definitely not going to pay that much. I immediately went back to my office and looked on Amazon for it…$11! Score!! After I ordered it, it said the estimated delivery date was June 5th…just 3 days before my class would be over. I was so nervous. But luckily, it shipped right away and got here yesterday. Just in time for me to start reading chapter one.

I have my first test on Friday, so I need to get crackin on my reading an assignments! I’ll keep you updated on how it is going. I’ll let you know if I learn anything new 🙂

Another amazing day

Highlights from the day in word form:

  • picking another 6 quarts of fresh strawberries
  • spending time with one of my Goddaughters and her sister (who I’ve known since birth as well)
  • watching the little ones pick strawberries (and eat hay…)
  • the gorgeous sunshine and blue skies
  • the amazing idea to make my own blueberry muffin Larabar (recipe to come!)
  • downloading the feedly app on my phone. Now I can read blogs on the go!
  • weeding my raspberries and knowing I’m going to have a good crop this year 🙂
  • washing my car, which doubled as an upper body workout since I had to scrub so hard to get the bugs off!
  • making strawberry jam (recipe to come!) along with 5 other recipes including a scrumptious strawberry shortcake (yes, I will share this recipe too :))
  • the amazing burger I made for dinner- seriously, it was just so damn delicious
  • going to bed tonight with a clean kitchen

Highlights from the day in picture form (again, many from Instagram!):

Oh sunny day!

It was an absolutely incredibly beautiful day today! 

I took the day off of work since things have slowed down for me there. The students started their summer vacation this week, so I wanted to have a vacation day of my own. It turned out to be quite fabulous!

I finally cut up a honeydew melon, a few mangoes and some kiwi to freeze for smoothies. I now have 3 gallon-size ziploc bags full of frozen fruit!

Titan and I played in the back yard for quite awhile. He has a deflated soccer ball that he loves to chase after, so I kicked it around and watched him run with it. I ran around after it as well, so it was a nice little work out for me as well as him.

This is the view from our back yard. I simply love it!

And Titan loved it too.

After we ran around the yard, we went for a quick 2 mile run. I’ve been taking him running with me for a few weeks now. We don’t run the whole time since he’s got to stop and pee on random things along the road, but we get a good work out from it. Sometimes he wants to run too fast though and he just about pulls my arm out of the socket. I’ve found that I run much faster when I take him since he sort of forces me to speed up. I guess that’s a good thing if I want to train for a race!

After the 2 mile run, I did a killer HIIT workout in the front yard barefoot. It was awesome! The breeze was just enough to keep me cool, but my workout was tough enough to keep me sweating. Plus, I soaked up a bunch of vitamin D in the nearly cloudless sky. It was glorious!

Once I got back inside and got some lunch (a delicious green smoothie with pineapple and strawberries, plus some sweet potato chips…recipe to come!), I had a chance to sit down with my blog and update a few things. Check out my updated About Me page with new pictures of Titan. I also got to add a few new recipes the my Eat Healthy page. Plus, I finally had some time to read a few other blogs. I’m so excited to get back into blogging more and interacting with the blogging community.

In addition to all of that, I also took some pictures of my adorable Goddaughter Evi.

I’ve got plans with her and her mother to go pick more strawberries tomorrow! She’s got the most precious little strawberry outfit to wear when we go. I can’t wait to share those pics!

I’m hoping to share a few on Instagram while we’re there picking. If you have Instagram, find me: eathealthybehappy. I’m still hooked on the app (as you can probably tell since four out of the five pictures on here are from there :)) and I’d love to have more people to follow!

Teaser picture for a new nut butter I made today! Recipe to come tomorrow.

Instagram is my new obsession

It’s been a really long time since I last posted!!

Lots of stuff has happened since then…the main thing being that I downloaded Instagram and am now obsessed!

Okay, so a lot of other much more important stuff has happened besides that, but it is so much fun 🙂 I just got it on Thursday and have already loaded over 20 pictures.

Of course I had to take some of my puppy…who had his first birthday at the end of February. He now weighs in at 131 pounds…but is still adorable as ever 🙂

I also had some pictures on my phone already that I played with.

Like this one of my honey with Titan, doing what they do best…

My honey and I had a YoungLife golf tournament to play in yesterday. He played regular golf, and us gals played putt putt.

Nice shot!

I got three hole-in-ones! And one of them was on the hardest hole!!

Here are a few other shots that I’ve gotten in the past few days. Seriously, I absolutely love this app and am truly obsessed!

The other awesome thing that happened in the past few months is that I got to see this cute little Easter bunny…

My entire family got together for Easter this year and the main focus was of course Ally 🙂 I plan to post more photos of her and the rest of the fam from the trip at another time. Of course, this is the busiest week of the school year for me, so I don’t think it will be this week, but I hope soon.

I miss posting a lot and getting to share pictures and recipes. But once May gets here, my work will slow down a lot and I hope to have more time over the summer to post.

Do you have Instagram? Are you as obsessed as I am?